Friday, April 11, 2008

Raves: Friday's Faves

This week I made some impulse purchases on itunes and I've been really loving one album I got called "Supply and Demand" by Amos Lee. It's been out awhile, but I just stumbled upon it. Very lovely, catchy, and mellow but not stuffy. If you want a copy, let me know. Is that legal? Hmmm. Hope the FEDS don't ready my blog...I'm not too worried.

Also, I wanted to rave about these--they are called Fruit Nuggets from Florida's Natural.

They are awesome on a number of levels. First, they are healthier than fruit snacks--made from 66% fruit juice and gluten free (not quite sure what that involves, but it sounds healthy, right?) Second, they taste really good. Third, they look like small pebbles and are not gooey and sticky like regular fruit snacks, which means less mess. The boys can eat these without sliming their hands and faces, unlike when they try to eat regular fruit snacks. And because they're small and not as gummy, I don't worry about them choking as easily. And when they got spilled and stepped on in the car, I just picked them up and they weren't gooey globs ground into the carpet. You can buy them at Target in a bulk sized box for cheaper than the smaller-count boxes.

Finally, I wanted to rave about this hair product I've been using for a couple of months now. It's Redken's Anti-Snap leave-in treatment. I color, blow dry, curl, and torture my hair on a daily basis and it was starting to break in the front by the roots. This left me with those weird sticky-up baby hairs when it started growing out. So I tried this and it seems to be working. My hair has not been breaking as easily and the stuff doesn't make my hair feel greasy or sticky or anything. Just smooth.


Andrea said...

Ooh! We LOVE those fruit snacks. Especially the blueberry ones. Those are always the first gone out of the box. (And gluten free is what Ryan has to have.)

I just went over to itunes to listen to the little clips and realized that I have one of his songs on my ipod (Shout Out Loud). The whole album sounds great, though. Cool. Thanks.

Brent and Kashann said...

I read all the last few days of posts just now all at once so i just thought I would comment at the top. That was so fun seeing the last 10 years. I love this blog Laura!

The Richards said...

So many comments that cover multiple posts-
1 - I love all the pictures, you look great and exactly the same. You lived in so many fun places, my favorite would have to be Boston, I love that place!!
2- I always wanted a fun southern accent or maybe an English one, everything English people say just sounds more fun!
3- Those fruit snacks are great, they have them at Costco sometimes, and the Redken stuff is amazing. I use it and the redken shine spray to help calm this masive fro on my head that gets tortured all the time too! It has calmed down a little with age and less humidity!

D said...

My bro introduced us to those fruit snacks a couple of Christmases ago. I LOVE them. I actually stopped buying them because I was eating too many. I can't believe I didn't introduce them to you. What kind of a sis am I?