Monday, April 7, 2008

Ramblings: A Very Tatooed Woman

10 things I should tattoo on my forehead after 10 years of repeating them that way I could just point to the necessary response.

1. Did you check in the _______? (fill in the blank with the logical or typical location of the missing or sought for item referred to in the prior question, "Where's the/my______?" ).

2. Who pooped?

3. Get off of your brother.

4. Your children are trying to kill me. Seriously. They are sucking the life out of me.

5. When are you coming home?

6. I'd like a Route 44 Diet Coke please.

7. Crayons are not for eating.

8. Ask me without whining.

9. Because I'm the mom.

10. If I pick up one more pair of dirty socks, I'm going to make you eat them.

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