Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rave: D(elivery) Day

The day finally came. Finally. Fi-na-lly. We arrived at the hospital this morning in the dark, wee hours of the morning for our 8:30 c-section. And at 8:46, the doctor pulled out a squirmy 7 lb. 10 oz., 20 inch long little dude with reddish brown, slightly wavy hair. I will say that it felt more like I had been carrying around a 17 pounder, but even under the spinal anesthesia, it felt like a giant weight was wrangled right out of me.

After some minor harassment, they got him crying so he'd cough up some amniotic fluid that he'd accidentally swallowed. And that's about the last time we've heard him cry all day. He's a content, calm little man. He just wakes up and looks around. This was taken shortly after he was born--he already knew how to find his thumb and lodge it in his mouth. He's been doing it all day--I love it because it looks so cute even though I'll probably regret it when the orthodontic bills come rolling in one day.

So he'll sleep, suck his thumb a little, eat like a champ for as long as I'll let him and then quietly go back to sleep. We're hoping this is a pattern that continues....we shall see.  I, however, am not a content LITTLE anything. I'm swollen to 18 times anything that could be considered normal size and my carpal tunneled-arms and my exploding polska kielbasa feet are about to pop and feel like they're stuck in a red hot flaming fire. Six i.v. bags of fluid in a six hour period will do that, I guess.  I hope this is a pattern that DOESN'T continue for long.

And now I'm off to try to sleep in between being poked, prodded, and having the amount of my pee measured. Sheesh. Child bearing forces you to lose any sense of dignity. Sure janitor, come on in and empty my trash while all my business is exposed. No big whoop. Invite your friends, we'll have a party.

Here are some bad cell phone pics of the new guy  a few minutes old. We forgot our memory card reader for our camera so those pics will be coming later...

Trace Bowen Fielding
(No--it's not Tres or Traze or Tre$--he's not a rapper. At least not yet...)