Monday, April 7, 2008

Ramblings: D.C.=Happiness

This is just more proof of the equation:

Diet Coke=Pure joy

And to prevent my mother from suffering any further irregular heartbeats, No we don't feed the children Diet Coke. Unless there's one little sip left and they look at you with that hopeful puppy dog face and say, "iwansum?" as if it was a question. And yeah, Aidan discovered these sunglasses and wore them for two hours straight. I had to pry them off once we came inside because he kept running into stuff, well, I should say he ran into stuff more than he usually does.

We enjoyed the perfect 78 degree weather between Conference sessions outside playing basketball, riding bikes, throwing around the football. I finally convinced Alex to put shorts and a tshirt on when he started showing signs of heat stroke.

Avery just enjoyed watching Alex and Uncle Spencer shoot hoops. Seventh heaven for that kid.

This was captured minutes before "the accident." Alex convinced Maddie to push him so he could go super speed, and of course she lost her balance when he started going fast and skidded about 3 feet on her hands and knees. 39 band aids later she was back on her Dora bike, so I guess she survived. Probably only one of many times she will get hurt listening to Alex's bright ideas.

Since it was a busy weekend, I gave myself permission to skip my "10" lists. But I will be back later with a new list for the day if the kids don't kill me or lock me in a closet.

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