Monday, April 14, 2008

Ramblings: Things I did

Things I did this weekend instead of writing my "10" lists:

1. Repainted Alex's room due to a major paint-matching FIASCO (or basically, the lack of any store's ability to match the paint he previously had)
2. Visited mom and ogled her new kitchen--Maddie was super hyper and excited about going to visit Grandma and her "new kitchen." She kept asking me about it and I overheard her talking to herself about how she was going to "play with it all night." Say what? It turned out she thought Grandma got a new toy kitchen for the grandkids and she was less than excited by the new granite counters and life-sized appliances.
3. Refinished Alex's dresser and mirror
4. 7 loads of laundry
5. Went to lunch with Brooke and Greg; Family Dinner was a Cici's outing with Andrea and Spencer
6. Spent 4 hours Sunday afternoon outside with the kids, mostly on death watch because the twins keep trying to reach out and grab the fireman pole from our 10 foot high playhouse
7. Made (and ate way too many) peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
8. Shopped for a new desk chair and floor lamp for Alex (now Maddie says she hates her room and wants "a new room like Alex")
9. Cleaned out and organized the garage---well 3/4 of it at least.
10. Vacuumed four times. I am not kidding. And not because of OCD. Because MY CHILDREN MAKE TONS OF MESSES and ARE TRYING TO KILL ME.


Greg said...

You wait until I leave to make the cookies?!?! time I suppose.

Andrea said...

Maybe you'll have to share the recipe. I've never had peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.