Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ramblings: Funny Tree Monkeys

It's amazing how time changes your perspective on things. Wednesday at Kroger, when the boys thought it was hilarious to squeal at the top of their lungs like pigs getting their toenails ripped off, and then belly-laugh like drunk chipmunks, I was mortified. (Remember? I'm not one to think it's cute when my kids are obnoxious in public.) I tried everything to get them to stop--ignoring them, distracting them, shushing them, cutting off their oxygen supply. (Just kidding--but I can't say I wouldn't have shoved a couple dirty socks in their mouths if I wasn't wearing flip flops). They just kept screaming and laughing--at 4 million decibels--egging each other on for about 15 minutes.

An older couple sort of following us aisle to aisle, giggling and smirking to each other, got a big kick out of the whole scene--while I felt like I had sweat flowing out of every pore. Do you know how hard it is to push a giant shopping cart with a big plastic car bolted to the front (complete with a four and a half year old laying with her legs sticking out one window and her head out the window on the other side) whilst clamping your hands over two wiggly, sticky, chomping, tree-monkey screeching mouths?? I was pushing the 800 pound contraption with MY ELBOWS and trying not to ram Maddie's hanging-out-the-window head on too many Frito displays.

But after a couple of days, when I think back on that whole fiasco, my perspective has changed. I am starting to realize how hilarious the bunch of us probably looked. And the boys were being funny--horribly ear piercingly loud--but funny. And I always get a kick out of it when they're interacting with each other and figuring out their senses of humor--I just wish they didn't have to do it in the middle of a grocery store. But the moral of the horror: time does change your perspective on things.

Today's "10" list: Things 10 years ago I Never Would've Believed Could Sound Fantastically Romantic

1. Let's just order pizza .
2. Grab me the wipes --someone's poopy.
3. I'm on my way home right now.
4. Where's the vacuum?
5. I like you almost as much as I like my body pillows.
6. Don't you think we should take a vacation?
7. Don't worry, I like stretch marks.
8. I'll finish the dishes.
9. I got a babysitter for tonight.
10. Four kids is A LOT.


Greg said...

I want one of those monkeys...

Laura said...

a real monkey or one of my monkeys--cuz i can get you one of those real easy.

Andrea said...

Ooh! I'll take one of your monkeys!

Brooke said...

One of your monkeys!!! :)

Travis and Jamie Shepherd said...

Love the top 10's. Too funny and yet so true.

Laura said...

ok, andrea and brooke. check your mail this week for a large lumpy probably screaming package. i'll poke air holes, don't worry.