Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ramblings: I'm Alive

Just an update: We have been "vacationing" in Seattle since Saturday. This is why I fell off the face of the Earth last week--trying to get everything done and everyone packed. And the rest of my time was just spent stressing over if the boys were going to scream the entire 4 hour flight to Seattle.(They were freakishly AWESOME and thanks to the makers of Benadryl, even slept about half the time. DVD players kept Alex and Maddie entertained until the batteries died and then they were forced to entertain themselves with the stuff in the giant backbacks I packed for them. I think the flight back will be an entirely different experience with cranky and exhausted kids, ready to be back to their own house.)

Number of times someone at the airport or on the airplane told us "you've really got your hands full": 17. Seriously. Number of times I fake laughed and said, "yep we sure do": 12. The rest of the time they were being naughty and I said, "Yes, would you like a couple?"

So far we've hit Pike Street Market, The Space Needle (or "Space Eagle" if you ask Maddie), The Children's Museum, and this morning we found a big park along a river where the kids played with nature. They were amazed by all the things they found that we don't see much of in Texas: huge evergreens, mossy tree trunks, signs explaining salmon life cycles along the river flowing with clear cold water, and soft plush grass without fireants. After the boys nap, we're hitting the Pacific Science Center, which is supposed to be really fantastic. I'm guessing Alex might get frusterated that the boys won't think it's as fantastic as he does, and we'll have to leave before he's explored everything fully.

We'll be here until tomorrow and then we're off to the Tri-Cities to meet up with the rest of Jere's family for Alainna and Stephen's wedding on Saturday. We're going to stop on the way at Snoqualmie Falls, where we, and all the other lucky visitors, will get to hear Alex scream the entire time we hike up the trail because he gets really freaked out by stuff like this.

I can't post any pictures because I can't download them to Jeremy's computer, but I'll put some on after we get back. Until then, does anyone know anything else we should visit while we're here? Any hot spots we've missed?

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Andrea said...

I wondered where you went! Glad to hear the flight there went well. I can't really help you with the sights - the only places I've been up there are the Portland Temple and Jeremy's parent's house... let's see that was almost exactly 10 years ago. What day was it?