Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ramblings: Rebel or Yankee?

Rebel or Yankee

Take this test and let me know your results. I've lived in Texas for most of my life, but I'm only 48% Dixie. So what does THAT mean? Perhaps it's because I've picked up a little bit of the language wherever we've lived... I can say that I've always wanted one of those awesome accents like people from South Carolina have, but I have too much to say and I think it would seriously slow me down.

Also, an FYI to those readers that I know are out there with great things to say but have not left comments (don't make me name names MOM, GRANDMA, DEE, BROOKE, GREG, ETC) because you're not sure about the account thing--it's easy to set one up. Click on "comment" and then just follow the prompts about creating a Google account. It's fast, free, and easy. Then we can discourse about all the deep, intellectual issues I post about on here. HA!

I'll be back later with my "10" list. We're off to Maddie's preschool's Art Show.


D said...

Alright, alright...but I have actually commented a couple of times.

Greg said...

...I am speechless

Laura said...

Ah hA! D, I realized after I put you in the group of degenerates that you have commented. So, my bad. But I got greg on here, so that's something. You gonna keep me company while I paint tomorrow night?

Greg said...

I have to go to Steven's house so I can interview his dad for one of my stupid Mgmt classes...I should be there ~10pm on Friday for the Saturday A.M. shift.

On a side note, you should get AIM.

Brooke said... got Greg and I on here now.

Sandito said...

It is amazing the results you can get when you dish out a large portion of guilt!! Worked for me for years.

Come on Grandma Romm, "You can do it!"

Andrea said...

I don't know why I'm drawn to these stupid "tests" - but I love them. I was 65% dixie.