Friday, September 12, 2008

Rave/Rant: Shine Junkie

Why is it when you find a product that you really like, that really works for you, they go and discontinue it and ruin your life forever? Usually, it's makeup where I get nailed with finding out my favorite color is no longer cool enough to produce or something. But this time it's some hair gunk that I've been using the same can of for probably a year. You only have to use a tiny dab and it's perfect for the flyaways, making it shiny without sticky, and just generally smoothing your hair to make it look like you haven't been rolled up in a blanket trying to take a nap on the couch while 2 two year olds peg you with wiffle balls and then you realize holy cow!--ballet class starts in 20 minutes. It's that good. And it smells fabulous--perhaps even good enough to cover up the aroma concoction that results from stress-sweating while trying to clean up your barfy kid in the Kroger shopping cart. Well, almost good enough.

Anyway, I finally used up the last of it and went find some more at the store with no luck. It appears from some online searching that they're not making it anymore. Luckily I found some stores via eBay that still have some...but I'm still bummed because it's going to take such effort in the future to find this stuff. If you wanna try it, better get some soon if you can still find it.


Keyomi said...

it sucks when something like that happens. u just gotta go lemon-testing with other products all over again until something seems perfect!..and then...they take it away!! .... i hear ya!!

btw..very cute pic of u and the hubby on the side.

Shaela said...

hmmmm... I might have to try some of that stuff. I'll race ya!

The Lowe Family said...

awww yes...the shine junkie. i love it too! i have some but i'm not sharing...especially now since they don't have anymore. hahahaha

Lindsay said...

that product sounds aMAZING... thanks for selling me on it and then telling me they no longer make it... that's cool. ha.