Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ramblings: De-fro-ing Avery

Have you ever been to the rodeo where they let all the little kids chase a sheep or goat to see if anyone can catch it? Or seen those contests where they cover a pig in something to make it impossibly slippery and then someone tries to catch it and take the ribbon of its tail? Well imagine both of those things occurring simultaneously, except that after you catch the animal, you have to shave its head. This is what that event ends up looking like:

Except that Avery is wigglier than any slick pig and bites, hits, and head butts alot harder than most sheep or goats. And he still fought the haircut even though I kept telling him, "Mom's going to win. Mom always wins." And Mom did win, and without any bloodshed, I might add. And believe me, based on the battle there really should've been pints of bloodshed or a missing ear or two.
I snapped these this morning after he had dumped out his toy box, slid it into the laundry room and flipped it over to use as a stool so he could reach the hanging baskets on the wall where I throw odds and ends. (Hence the totally busted look in the first one).
Anything that can be dumped and flipped for illegal height-boosting purposes is up for grabs and used for evil purposes throughout the day. Each and every chair we own is put in "time out" on the kitchen counters immediately after breakfast or there are a dangerously high number of life-threatening climbing incidents when I leave the room. They push them around to access anything out of reach. I even found a chair they hauled all the way to my bathroom because Avery wanted to taste a bottle of "medicine" on the counter. Pretty soon I fear I will catch one of them standing on the other one's shoulders all acrobat-style and then I don't know what I'll do.


Keyomi said...

I LOVE READING UR BLOG. love the way u write. Would it be ok with u if i added ur blog on my (list of blogs i read)page?

The Lowe Family said...

one time i wanted to taste a bottle of medicine. i hoped it would make me sleep for days. i guess it wasn't a big enough bottle.

avery looks stinkin old. what the crap? and i love the pics on the side of your blog, way to revamp.

Laura said...

to keyomi
Sure not problem. I love when people i don't know are brave enough to leave a comment.

Keyomi said...

haha..thanks!! :)Then i am very brave!! ask Jessica lowe too..i leave comments on her posts as well!
u both have awesome writing skills! funny to the core!

thanks. i shall add u to my page!