Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ramblings: Crazy, party of 13--your table's ready

Thursday is a jam-packed day at our house lately after school with Maddie's ballet and Alex's soccer practice. We usually don't get home until almost 6:30 and everyone is hungry, tired, and cranky and there's still dinner, showers, and homework to deal with. So when we found out it was half price wing night, it was a perfect excuse to head over to Buffalo Wild Wings--someone else cooking dinner and then NO kitchen to clean afterwards=mom's dream come true. Plus, everyone screams and yells in there anyway, so we were right at home with our brood. We met up with the cousin crazies and their parents and Uncle Greg and Brooke. Our typical crazy table for 6 grew to 13.

Maddie got bored waiting for her food so she hijacked Brooke's camera and impressed us with her photography skills. (Of course, we were also trying to distract her because she kept staring at these three skimpily dressed ladies in Miller Lite cheerleading outfits that were choking on their own cleavage that was up to their chins. She couldn't figure out why they were walking around wearing barely any clothes.) Apparently the cool face to make when you're posing for a picture as a kid is to grab each corner of your mouth in an attempt to stretch your lips all the way around your head--each of the kids did this without prompting or influence from each other.

It was just their immediate response when the camera was aimed in their direction. But I even managed to catch the cheerleader in this one of Maddie--see the orange arrow.

Avery entertained us with impressions...this is his best Stevie Wonder. And remember when I told you Jeremy is still working on learning to smile without his mouth hanging open? He may need some more tutoring on this. Tara managed a slightly different version of the face stretching pose.

Cate was too busy coloring to be interrupted but Tara and Deanna posed obediently for all 43 pictures the kids took of them. Alex's skills with the camera weren't as good as Maddie's, but once he got his fingers off the lens he did snap one of Brooke and Greg.

Aidan was just trying to figure out how to get his hands around my ice cold Diet Coke. He tried more than once, that devious boy.

And see that maroon plaid sleeve in the side of the last picture? That's all we managed to catch of Uncle Todd in the picture mayhem. (Note Alex's mouth stretching reflex--he can even do it while drinking from a straw.) And I believe baby James slept through the boneless wing fest of a dinner . I didn't see his chubby little bod peek out of his stroller once--but I have a feeling it won't be long before I wedge a little slimy buffalo wing in his hand for a funny picture.


Deanna said...

Those are some crazy pictures. No need for the Miller Lite at our table. We had plenty of fun without.

That WAS the perfect place to go. Todd and I commented a couple of times about the noise level covering our table's noise. Thank goodness nobody else there had to hear my child ask for ice cream 50 times, among other things.

Next time, all the pictures need to be of Todd. How did he escape?

Larman Family said...

Thanks for the entertainment! It is always nice to find a family that is just a hair crazier than yours to make you feel better on those days that everything is just well- CRAZY!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your past posts! You tell a great story!

Shaela said...

You are a brave, brave soul! And I see you managed to catch a picture of Jeremy with his smiling mouth closed (the picture of you two on the side of your blog). Very cute pictures there by the way!

Travis and Jamie Shepherd said...

Oh my goodness!! I would have never even recognized Greg if you hadn't said who he was. He looks nothing like when he was a kid, maybe its the short hair! BTW- love Jeremy's new "baby". Trav can't wait until we can afford to buy him a new car. Every time we buy a car, it ends up being for me, the one he drives now was bought on his b-day for me to drive with Trenton since our Jeep was only two doors. Then we bought the Mommy Wagon. Ofcourse that one had to have all the toys so that when he drove it he could feel cool.