Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ramblings: Welcome the New Addition

Say hello to the newest addition to the family. No! Calm down. My teeter totter will remain balanced for the near (and if you ask me on most days, the distant) future.
We had to replace the boys' door knob with this beauty after a relatively violent (at least to the door) timeout battle. I think they had taken a bowl of decorative Christmas ball ornaments and smashed them one by one on the tile floor--but I can't really remember. Most days are a blur. Anyway, the boys busted their handle so it only opened the door from their side of the room and I couldn't get in. If only it was the other way around---oh wait! NOW IT IS! Yes, that is a lock on the wrong side of the door. But it's on the PERFECT side of the door if you have some crazy two year olds you'd like to contain for a short (or long--depending on the disaster I'm trying to clean up) amount of time. I recognize there is a down side to this--the very definite and absolute fact that they will wholeheartedly commit, with 110% effort, to completely destroying everything and anything in their bedroom during their imprisonment. But at least then the evil geniuses will be confined to one room as opposed to having full reign of the house.

As I was taking this picture, I couldn't help but wonder how the two sweet little angel babies in the picture hanging right by the door could be the same wrecking crew that I plan on locking in there several times tomorrow. Enlarge that picture if you don't believe me--look at that cuteness. You could just bite them, they look so sweet and cuddly. These days if I feel like biting them, it's for very, very different reasons.


Travis and Jamie said...

LOVE IT!! We did that to Trenton's door, but because he kept locking HIMSELF in and couldn't get out. I love reading about your craziness. Makes me think that I can get through my day.
Sorry! :)

The Lowe Family said...

that is stinkin hilarious! i love it.