Monday, December 15, 2008

Ramblings: All He Wants for Christmas

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I wanted to swallow it so I would not feel pain. But it was literally hanging on by one thread and dad said to pull it so I gripped it and POP! It came out! And it never bled! So I would like 5.00.

Sunday afternoon the last of his front teeth--the one that he has been sneaking up on me and shoving in my face to freak me out with--finally broke from the last tiny thread that had been holding it in his mouth. He has spent the last week twisting, flicking, wiggling, and generally grossing everyone out with it. Maddie told me one day after they got off the bus, "Alex can even make his tooth buck!" Say what? After some investigating, she meant that he could push it out with his tongue to make it look like a buck tooth. That right there is some definite material for the school talent show.

Alex must think the Tooth Fairy's really loaded--$5 a tooth? And do you get more if you manage to get the teeth out without bleeding on them? I guess if you factor in inflation, that's probably about the same amount I got from Ms. T.F. back in my day. At least this time he didn't make any false representations about giving his money to “the poor.”


Travis and Jamie said...

$5.00 a tooth??? Man, maybe I should start pulling out my teeth. I could use some cool new shoes!

Deanna said...

Glad to see he finally lost his buck. Sorry he expects the tooth fairy to replace his buck with 5 bucks. Yikes! At that rate, with 4 sets of teeth, the tooth fairy needs to start saving.

The Lowe Family said...

thats hilarious, jake shouldn't have gotten any mula compared to alex because he didn't even write a good note! i'll have to fill him in on the rules of TF

Marnie said...

I love that you scanned in Alex's letter to the Tooth Fairy. You set the standard pretty high at $5.