Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ramblings: Christmas Catch Up

Ok. I know, I know. It's been like a whole entire WEEK since I posted any weird drivel. And my three faithful readers (all blood relatives, I'm sure) are getting bored of looking at Mrs. Claus down there. But I've been in a posting funk. Plus, with all the kids home all day for the past week and a half the house is in a constant state of chaotic messiness. Tyson is getting his hearty daily workout sucking up all the crushed ornaments, crackers, potting soil, human limbs...just checking to see if you were paying attention. And since Alex has a growing love for his online computer games, I have to fight him for computer time and he bites harder and has a stronger kung fu grip on the keyboard than I do. 

Those are most of my excuses for my blogging vacation. The other involves becoming mildly depressed after attending a funeral two days after Christmas for a baby of a couple from church. That one took a while to get over. And I'm pretty sure everyone else there thought I was having some sort of severe emotional breakdown. Or they just thought I was choking on something based on all the weird snarfing and snorting that erupting as I tried to stifle the sobbing. But my tear ducts are officially shriveled up and my body's completely dehydrated, so I figure I'll get back to posting now. 

On a happier note, some of  "the girls" managed to sneak away from the Christmas Story marathon playing all day and night on cable for a girls' night out dinner.  We're trying to make this a regular occurrence, but we need some more COOPERATION from the girls. Only four of us were available--everyone else got sucked into the Christmas Story I guess. 

We literally spent about 30 minutes after dinner trying to get a decent shot of all of us during a horrendous humid wind storm outside the restaurant. FYI-never ask a four foot tall middle schooler hanging out with her friends to take a picture of you, because from that angle, NO ONE looks good. We finally got one of the restaurant guys to take this one from a normal angle where none of us looked like Jabba the Hutt
We did a White Elephant Exchange (which I DO know how to play, Jessica, but I just didn't know if we wanted to be all hard core and steal gifts from each other, possibly hurting the feelings of the more sensitive (or, the girls that are actually nice) on the opposite side of our table.) 
I received the awesomest silver brick, err I mean box, with a stack of deceased pens molded on the top. It looks like a Pen version of a war memorial and weighs about as much as I would guess my minivan weighs. We decided that I'll put all my pens in it so the twins can't get them out and write all over the walls for the millionth time. They may not be strong enough to get that lid off until they're seniors in high school, so I think I'm safe. Unless they decide to use it as a weapon, which of course they  will, so it may go into hiding soon. Plus, it looks like it could be covered with lead based paint, so I'll probably croak soon from that anyway. 

Jessica got the gift I brought--a battery operated American Idol microphone that will "Amplify Your Voice so Everyone Can Hear You Sing!" Perfect for all her imitations and Britney Spears wanna be dance video reenactments. She should be flattered that I peeled it out of Jeremy's kung fu grip after I told him it was signed by David Archuleta, which it wasn't, but I wanted to see that glimmer of hope and excitement in his eyes. Or she can use it to throw at Austin during their next fight instead of sentimental fertility statues from foreign countries like the last time. 

And not only did Isela get a free meal outta the night because 
they discovered they were out of what she had ordered, (which was hilarious because she realized she had forgotten her wallet about 3 minutes before they came out and told us) but she also scored some ultimate Mom accessories. *The Krust Buster and some sandwich stamps*. 
But really, she just spent the whole night flirting with all the 16 year old waiters in Spanish when she thought we couldn't understand her. Busted. Four years of Spanish classes didn't prove worthless after all. 

Jessica really, really enjoyed the bath salts and the neck massaging towel thingy that she got. Perhaps they were magic bath salts because she looks kinda intoxicated in this picture. That would also explain how crazy eyed she looks in the last one when I told her not to get squinty-eyed. 

She's gonna really love me for putting that one on here.  Almost as much as me warning everyone--never, ever, ever ask her if  you can go boating. Seriously. You will live to regret it. Until the wee hours of the morning. 

A fun night was had by all, except Jeremy who thought I was dead around 11 PM and started calling around to friends and family to make sure I wasn't. My phone just happened to still be on vibrate, and I assumed he would realize that when four girlies get together, we can chat all night long. I'll be back to post about Christmas as soon as I can get MY allotted computer time again. 


The Lowe Family said...

oh my gosh, so hilarious! i love the pic of jess smelling her salts. it's almost like a x rated picture she's so hypnotized by it. and then her bug eyed pic is funny too, with that one eyebrow raised! we gotta do another GNO like every time i come. i'm so bummed it may be for awhile.

Jess said...

I cannot BELIEVE you put the bug eye pic on your site! I'm going to blow your face off for this one. No really, your write up is so hilarious I was crying at the end of it.

Larman Family said...

Sounds like you girls had a well deserved great time! It probably wouldn't shock the husbands so much if there were more girls nights out. After all I can't begin to count the number of times Jason has been studying or working super late without even so much as checking to see if I called. New Years Resolution 108 Go out with friends more.