Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rave: We got BABY

No, calm down. Not me and not MY baby. But a new little niece joined the world yesterday morning and finally gave her mom's exhausted womb a much needed vacancy. I'll be up close and squeezeable with that newbornness tonight, and if I can remember my camera, I may even blind her a few times for a picture.

And if I notice the hospital's nursery is slightly understaffed or unattended for a split second, I may bring home more than just pictures. It's so much easier than going through all that pregnancy mumbo-jumbo.

Welcome to the world little Emily.


Sandito said...

Perhaps we could stage a tag-team event. I could distract the nurses by faking a fall (usually not a fake) or perhaps by faking an anxiety attack (also, not that far fetched!)while you casually tuck a little girl bundle of joy under your shirt and make for the nearest exit. Oh, wait. Perhaps we should switch. I could manage the hidding assignment much easier than you. O.K. now I am totally depressed and think we should abandon the whole idea. Drat. How badly do you want that other little girl? Dee's got three now, maybe she won't notice Emily Rose missing? Fat chance...We would never get past Todd. MOM

Pamela said...

Yay for babies! And girls!