Friday, August 14, 2009

Ramblings: Nervous Nelly

Avery has a bit of OCD regarding the weather. Anything and everything weather related freaks the kid out--he asks about it all day long. He wants to check the weather channel on the computer constantly and he demands to see the satellite radar about 10 times a day. If he sees any clouds in the sky, he starts babbling about "big storms" and rain and how we need to "go home and check the 'puter" because "we have to see the map!"

He knows that the colored areas mean "big storms!" and that there's a button you can push to make the satellite show the path of the storms, making the colors move across the map. He loves that part. "See! It's coming! It's 'bout to rain!" he'll scream as they move in the total opposite direction from us. If the computer doesn't satisfy his weather worries, he wants the tv turned on to the news to hear what they have to say. It's hard to explain to a 3 year old that the weather portion of the news broadcast is not on at all times during the day and night. (I can't freak him out by showing him the national weather maps on the weather channel. People, you have no idea what kind of chaos would ensue.)

It started back about two months ago when we had a few weeks of severe thunderstorms off and on, complete with the typical Texas tornado warnings. He was convinced, and still is, that every time it rains, a "nado" is coming. He's sure that our trampoline and all his toys will blow away. (To be fair, our old trampoline did take flight about 2 years ago during a big storm. It flew across our yard, over our wrought iron fence, across our neighbor's yard, and slammed into one of their big trees. It was toast.) But when I try to convince him that there are no storms or tornadoes anywhere near us, he accuses me of lying, being an ignoramus, and then he insults my mother. The kid is serious about the weather.

So today when it got cloudy outside, I knew it would spark an episode. Sure enough, he came in and dragged me from my room to the computer to see the weather on the map. He clammed up a bit when I started recording him because he could see not only the weather map, but also himself right next to it. He was torn between watching his two favorite things on the computer.
So I'm wondering if this means an anxiety-ridden life is in his future, or perhaps he'll just interview in a few years to replace Troy Dungan, our favorite retired local weatherman. He used to wear bowties everyday. So I guess the question is, should I be encouraging this weather fascination and go ahead and start a bowtie collection, or should I submit his application to that new A & E show "Obsessed" and hope to get him some free therapy?


Amy said...

Too funny. When James hears a storm he says, "Boom, Boom, Boom!" from the Mr. Brown Can Moo Dr. Seuss book. He's yet to be scared of it so that's good for me. Avery's a cutie.

The Lowe Family said...

thats so crazy. natalie's daughter kamy used to be just like that. she would even go so far as to start vomiting when it rained because she was so freaked out. they couldn't be out anywhere if it rained and she'd have to stay in a room with no windows so she couldn't see it if it did. nuts...

maybe it's just a phase like hers. hope so.

David and Teresa said...

Yes keep encouraging him. We need to replace Troy Dungan. There hasn't been a good replacement for him. I expect him to start wearing a bow tie every Sunday to church. David George

The Richards said...

So cute! Caitlyn is obsessed with the weather too. She has to look outside everyday and tell me what is going on, it's hot cold wet windy. Her first sentence was It's raining outside. We'll have to get them together to discuss the weather issues.

theprovidentwoman said...

My kids run into my room everytime the is a storm. They sleep on our floor a lot anyway though.