Monday, August 31, 2009

Ramblings: Warning--this house will self destruct in 7 years.

Is there some cosmic force that causes a house to self-destruct right around the time it reaches 7 years old? I remember learning at some point that most of the divorces that occur happen by the 7th year of marriage. There must be something evil about the number. 7. Lately everything in our house seems to be falling apart right around the time it turns 7 years old. I mean, we spent a TON on Alex's hip replacement last year! Just kidding. It's the actual STUFF in the house falling apart, not the people.

Our garage door finally bit the big one (again) a week ago Saturday. Instead of spending more money to fix the piece of junk, we've been researching getting a new one. I hope it finally happens soon because I can't use the garage door and it stinks having to drag groceries from the driveway through the front door to the kitchen. I use to have to do it from alot farther and through the snow in Boston, but I've gotten lazier and spoiled since then I guess. Plus I have two more kids to keep focused on getting loaded in and out of the car. When I can't keep them penned in the garage, it makes the task alot harder. Avery made it halfway down the street on his plasma car by the time I got Aidan loaded this morning for our trek to Costco to stock up on stuff for all the kid lunches I'm packing now.

We had a romantic date night last Saturday picking out different styles, colors, windows etc. We shelled out some cash to hire a babysitter (greatly offending our Manny Joel, but we gotta do what we gotta do) so we could go to dinner and then door shopping.

We picked out and ordered one that was was supposedly "in stock," explaining that we don't have use of our garage right now because our spring broke and we can't get the door open. Translation--we don't give a tiny rat's hiney what it even looks like, as long as it can be ordered and installed SOON. I don't enjoy hauling garbage across the house, through the garage, through the obstacle course known as our 3rd car garage, and then back to the side of the house by the garbage bins. It's not a pretty picture, and I DON'T LIKE DOING IT! (Name that movie and I'll send you a prize.)

And we had the guy come out and do the mandatory preliminary check up a few days later--making sure we ordered the right size and there wasn't anything weird like rotting termite infested wood in the door opening or anything. "Okay. Looks good. They'll call you when they get my report!" Or so he said.

Well anyway, to make a long story short, they called this Saturday, and said it would be at least 3 weeks to get the doors in that we had picked out in taupe. But less than 2 weeks if we would switch to a different style and pick white or almond. So much for the "in stock" claim. They kept trying to convince us how much faster and greater it would be if we'd switch to white or almond. WE CAN'T HAVE WHITE OR ALMOND, MR. GARAGE DOOR SALESPERSON, or we obviously would have picked those initially. According to our HOA and common design sense, our garage door has to match our trim, and our trim is TAUPE not WHITE or ALMOND. But thanks for asking.

So I'm garage-door less for the next three-five weeks. Grrr. And I continue to have to chase the boys up and down the street each and every time I have to load them in the car. And groceries get hauled an extra mile before they end up in the kitchen. But the good news is that hopefully in 3 weeks we'll have a spankin' new set of insulated TAUPE garage doors and a new superpowered, superquiet garage door opener. Our current one makes the entire upstairs shake and rattle every time it's opened and I've forbidden Jeremy from using it for the past five years when he leaves early or comes home late. And we even shelled out the cash for one that comes with the keypads outside, so hopefully we won't have anymore incidents like that one horrible day when we were locked out for hours.

But I'll leave you with a sight that had us giggling during our shopping trip. It was about 9:30 at night and we kept running into this guy around the store. I finally had to take a picture. He was REALLY bringing sexy back. If you got it, flaunt it. Watch out Justin Timberlake.


aubrey said...

I so love that you take unflattering pictures of strangers and post them on your blog. You crack me up!

P.S. The movie quote is from Aladdin, the genie said it. :)

aubrey said...

P.P.S. At our house we call it the seven year glitch. Seemed like most of the small electrical kitchen things we got, and a few bigger items, had to be replaced when we hit our seventh year of marriage.

Travis and Jamie said...

Darn! Some one beat me to the answer.

Amy said...

I'm loving the dark socks with shorts thing. Bryan changes into shorts after church or work and I always make him take off his dark socks because IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!

The Richards said...

Dang Aubrey I was so proud of myself for actually knowing that one! Our garage door is out also! I am actually waiting for the repair man to show up who was supposed to be here between 8 and 10, it's 10:30!!!

aubrey said...

Sorry. I had to jump on it because I NEVER know the answers to those questions...