Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I received this just now. An email chain has been going around from the pediatrician to the school's principal to parents. This is the most recent thing sent from the pediatrician.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to stay with Loren's parents as the Neurosurgeon was going over the CT scans and the prognosis and plan of care.
Now they think they may have to deal with what happens IF Loren starts breathing on his own and IF he has any brain wave activity.
Another long day of waiting for the parents, but all too short of a time for them to spend with their son as he remains on support.
Mother's family arrives from the Ukraine this evening.
Their Russian Orthodox priest came in yesterday to administer the "Last Rites".
It was heart-rending to see mother laying in bed with Loren yesterday kissing his hand, and his face and his shoulder. (see "The Pieta")
Please love each other and be kind. Kiss your children often and tell them that you love them often.
Humbly submitted.

I fear there are some really rough times coming. Thanks for all the concern.


aubrey said...

Oh no. I am so sorry, for all of you.

The Lowe Family said...

last rites? that doesn't sound very hopeful. i'm sad.

The Richards said...

The whole story makes me so sad. I can't even imagine what those poor parents must be going through. It makes you appriciate your own kids that much more. hope your week gets better also!

Kimball and Marianne Larsen said...

That is so tragic. I can't imagine what Loren's parents are going through. (Didn't someone just say that?) I think I'll go kiss and hold my kids, now.

Travis and Jamie said...

That kills me. My preggo hormones are totally taking over. I can't even imagine their grief. Did you ever find out what happened? I always freak out when my kids fall and hit their head. Hopefully something amazing will happen for them. How is Alex holding up?

Amy said...

I put his name in the temple prayer list last night. Well, actually I couldn't remember his name so I just wrote, "Laura's neighbor." I'm sure he knows who I meant.

Jamie...preggo hormones? Did I know that?