Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ramblings: Teacher's Pests

Do you think their preschool teacher has any idea what's headed her way in two months?

My panic attack at seeing the carpet caused my failure to capture on camera all the hand and footprints leading from the kitchen to the bathroom. If they were thinking smart, they were leaving a trail Hansel and Gretel-style for when I drive them out into the woods and drop them off. The real question is regarding my judgment and 1) why I was psychologically compromised enough to purchase finger paints in the first place, and 2) why I believed they could enjoy this activity without creating a gigantic, completely out-of-proportion mess. See how naive I was--thinking that those aprons would do the trick? Hah!


Deanna said...

They do look like they had a good time. :)

brent and kashann said...

Laura they are soooo crazy. My kids would never wipe paint on their face. They do get messy on accident but they don't usually do it on purpose. Wow! Can't wait for the reunion.
BTW, Candice is getting aprons for the kids to decorate. I guess these two won't be needing one.

Kris said...

They are having fun and that was the point, right? Momof the year :)