Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ok so I did a lousy job keeping up with my posts while we've been gone. It turns out that for some reason Jeremy didn't want me downloading all 800+ pictures from the past week onto his work computer. And I just hate to post things without all the fun pictures to go with the stories. Like taking the kids down the side of a mountain on plastic sleds in a concrete track. Or finally meeting Jeremy's 8 thousand Pieper cousins. (that's only a slight exaggeration.) Or all the pictures we took of the kids at the lake splashing around in water that doesn't feel exactly like warm urine like back in our Texas lakes. I'll get to posting as soon as possible when we ge back to the real world. I'm sitting here in the salt lake city airport, and thanks to the perks of modern technology, I can tell you that the pit of dread has already become a deep, deep cavern as we are about to embark on the plane ride home with 4 cranky, sleep deprived kids. May the force be with us. The force-- or whatever in the universe is in charge of befalling lengthy fits of unconsciousness and/or muteness upon perfectly healthy children.
Heat and humidity--here we come (again).


Kris said...

Heat and humidity? Weather for Wednesday- High of 86. It should be awesome weather to ease you back into it.

Deanna said...

Kris...shhhh, don't tell her about the nicer weather we've been having. There's no telling what she might do when she hears. SHE may poop on the carpet or something. :)

Welcome back, Laura!! You've been missed. Hope you had a fun time.

The Lowe Family said...

i left u a msg on ur cell, are u not getting it??? go check it, if not, call me.