Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rant: Wake Up Call

Dear Anonymous,

I just wanted to take a minute and issue a blatant threat to the mystery caller that decided to call at 6:40 am on a Saturday morning and wake up my entire household. I'll assume there was no urgency or emergency that made it necessary to call that early, because you left no message.

I will hunt you down. You can try to run and hide, but rest assured I will find you. Actually, I prefer that you DON'T rest. Toss and turn all night long worrying about how I may pop out from behind any corner and hurl a poop-filled pair of pull-ups at your face. Or two. Or I'll find your trunk and dump the entire trash bag FILLED with the week's worth of stinky old pull-ups. That should smell nice simmering in the 103* heat for a few hours.

You'll have to excuse me, but I'm a tad cranky. I stayed up late last night watching Dateline and listening to Michael Jackson songs, hoping that for once the boys would sleep in past 6:30. And they did...until YOU called and ruined my chance of getting more than 6 hours of sleep.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.



The Lowe Family said...

my phone has been mysteriously calling people lately. i wonder if it called you too. do u not have caller id?

Travis and Jamie said...

Maybe it was someones toddler messing with the phone out on the East Coast. Or maybe just mine do that. Trenton once got a hold of the phone when we first moved to Kentucky and pushed the automatic redial, which was SUPPOSED to be Trav's brother's number but was off by one, at 7:30 our time makeing it 5:30AM UT time. When I saw him with the phone I hung it up before they answered, BUT the guy called back and then chewed me out for LETTING my kid play with the phone and went on and on about how it was interrupting his sleep. If he would have just ignored it and laid back down I'm sure that he would have gotten MORE sleep than chewing me out for almost 5 minutes. I know, I should have just hung up.

Sorry for you though. I love when the boys sleep longer than normal, just makes the day better.