Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ramblings: Make-Mom-Fatter Day

I'm pretty sure they should just go ahead and change the title of Mother's Day to something involving the Intake of 5000 extra calories because that's what seems to happen every year. This year was no different. Jeremy assisted the kids in preparing breakfast for me--and I will give my compliments to the chefs. This year was tastier than years gone by, but I managed to eat it without remembering to take any pictures.
They picked out these flowers for me--and I was assured that they were "real flowers," as opposed to fake ones, I guess. Alex, who is obsessed lately with how much things cost and how much people are willing to spend on different things, informed me that during their shopping trip to Costco they spent "Like at least $50 on everything." I'm not quite sure if he was telling me that to assure me that I was worth at least $50, or because he was doubting the wisdom of such an extravagant expenditure on Mom.

Maddie brought home this gift that they made with the help of some of the 6th grade girls at her school. It turned out really cute and she was so excited to give it to me that she insisted I open it as soon as she got off the bus on Friday. The teacher had all the moms send the recipe for our child's favorite thing we make for them. She compiled them into a cookbook that the kids illustrated. I'm impressed that Maddie didn't spill the beans a long time ago because they had apparently been working on those potholders for awhile.

And later at church, they gave all the women GIANT sized Symphony candy bars. And because it was chocolate and happened to be my very favorite of the giant candy bars, I proceeded to devour the entire thing bit by bit during the last hour of church. I ALSO blame the fact that it was nearing 6 PM, and nobody that has yet to eat dinner should be expected to resist chocolate, almonds, or 50% more toffee bits at that hour. Plus the kids made little boxes full of Hershey kisses during their classes for Mom. 2 more pounds to the hips and thighs.

My mutha even spoiled all us girls with some new smells and assorted goodies for the holiday. Heaven knows I need it with as much stress-sweating as I do.

So now I weigh 16 pounds more, but at least I'm smelling good in my painted-on pants while I'm admiring my flowers and burning my hands off reaching into the oven. (The potholder is made of pantyhose type material, and I'm fairly confident that it's not heat resistant--but I'm too afraid to test it out.)

We hope our mommas had a great day (we got them some new smelly too, but only for fun and not cuz they're stinky like me) and a belated Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there!


Pamela said...

Well, at least you're worth $50. I'm worth $12.50 on the day-after-mom's-day sale...and I got to buy my own roses--all 27 of them. There's something about day-after sales! Happy Late Mom's Day to you too!

The Lowe Family said...

so that's the difference between living in the rich and fabulous heath ward and living in the podunk country jville ward. you get giant bars of delicious chocolate and we get homemade (yea that's righ..you know how i feel about homemade) brownies. BLECK.