Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ramblings: Famous Amos

Dear Amos,
We'll be seeing you tomorrow night! Please be as awesome in person as you are on your cds.

(This concert attendance also made possible by our good friend/manny {a.k.a. male nanny--and I mean that in the macho-est, most masculine and flattering way} Joel, who is willing to come sleep on our couch after the kids are all in bed so that we can take off and no one will call and turn us in to CPS. Well, at least not for leaving the 4 crazies alone while they're sleeping. They can choose from the list of many other reasons if they still feel like calling.)


Check him out, why don't ya?
One of my faves.

Another nice, mellow one. Please excuse the creepy photos and just listen to the song.

Or here. Aren't you feeling more relaxed now? Good.

And cuz I'm feeling so chilled out now, I will mail a cd featuring an assortment of his songs to a randomly chosen commenter. Plus, as a bonus, I just may insert various fart noises from Jeremy's iFart program between the tracks on the cd. And if you're really lucky, I'll video the kids in a fist fight trying to announce the winner with their stupid voice changing bullhorn. Lucky you.


Deanna said...

I'm thinking you'll have tons of anonymous stalkers coming out for that prize. Yikes!

blindblogger said...

I've never heard this guy, but I trust you.

Andrea said...

I love him! But I would seriously NOT love the fart noises. Sorry to burst that bubble. :)

Ciana said...

I have heard enough of Jeremy's fart noises to last a lifetime.

The Lowe Family said...

how do u get to go to so many concerts? i'm such an awkward concert goer. back in my wild days i could act a fool and it was okay because everyone else did.

now, i don't know how to act. really i just wanna sit there and listen and sing along but everyone else wants to stand up and scream and shout and be rowdy. hhmmmm...

maybe i'm going to the wrong concerts.

Greg said...

Pick up some on your way.

Julia Harman said...

Hope you had fun. I need to find a Joel!

Amy said...

Ditto what Andrea said. We already have a "fart machine" (a speaker you can hide in the couch or someone's purse with a remote you can activate from across the room) so I think we're all set on fart noises.