Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ramblings: Chickity China the Chinese Chicken

This post is as random as the title, but for some reason those Barenaked Ladies' lyrics are stuck in my head.

*Maddie's ballet recital is Saturday. I've been assured it's going to be shorter than last year's marathon, and with significantly less weed. Oh, whoops. I don't think that made it into last year's post.

The "theater" place where it was held last year shared a wall with a nightclub/bar ("theater" is in quotes because there was a fairly accurate rumor circulating during the recital that at night the "theater" was home to a gay dance club.) We were backstage, where all the millions of little girls in tutus, heavy makeup, and tap shoes were being corralled, and all the moms realized it was starting to stink really bad like marijuana smoke. (I plead the 5th on my knowledge of how marijuana smells. And I have a fairly close relationship with a fairly decent attorney--so STOP IT with the interrogation already.) Anyway, so we knock on the door between us and the bar, and some dude answers STILL HOLDING THE JOINT behind him. He was nice enough to agree to move somewhere farther away from the door to kill his braincells when we questioned him if he wanted to be the one responsible when all those little girls went on stage HIGH? Just imagine the possible tulle carnage flying around/off that stage.

Looking at last years pictures, I've also realized how much Maddie's hair has grown. She's even pretty much finished growing out those bangs. It was nearly impossible to get her hair into that "hotdog" last year, but this year should be a piece of cake. They had pictures last week during class so they were all wearing their recital gear. I snapped a quick pose when one of the three younger brothers wasn't running laps around them. Maddie's on the far left and I have to say they're all pretty dang cute in all their tutu fabulousness.
*Jeremy and I tried these awhile ago and I picked up another box (or seven) while at Target yesterday. Beware: these things are deliciously addictive. They have a hint of coffee flavor but no actual coffee in 'em. I've almost eaten the whole dang package, which means instead of sleeping tonight I should spend the seven hours on the elliptical and wishing there actually was coffee in them to keep me awake.

*My lawn guys are here mowing and it always creeps me out when I make eye contact with them through a window. It's a mixture of guilt that they're out there sweating to death in the 90* and 110% humidity mowing my grass and a freaky "please don't be peering in my windows" sensation.

*Jeremy's door locking OCD/paranoia had these guys at our house this week. So don't go trying to break in and steal any of our busted up stuff. Mostly we decided to do it so we can hear when the doors and windows are being open by one of the boys, because they've gotten in the habit of opening the deadbolt and fleeing out the front door whenever they feel like it so they can sneak over the driveway to play basketball.

*And while we're speaking of safety, you're never too cool to protect your noggin. Even if it is with a pink girl's helmet that is the only one available because Mom refuses to buy another blue one when there's a perfectly good pink one lying around. And if you're ever in the market for a good ride-on toy, this Radio-Flyer Turbo-turtle is AWESOME. The boys have loved it and I only wish I would've discovered it sooner, because it's already a little small for giant Aidan. Luckily I found it on clearance at Target after Christmas (stuck in some random aisle) for $16 because they are a little pricey at their full price of $50. But definitely one of the better and most used toys we've gotten in awhile. The wheels all spin 360* and the sounds it makes are funny and non-obnoxious like alot of ride-ons. The seat lifts up and they can store weird treasures in there--like the sippy cup of curdled milk I recently found that had gone missing for a good week or so. Plus, let's face it, haven't we all wanted to ride a turtle at some point in our lives?
*So is anyone excessively sad that the 55 year old, chain-smoking, truck stop waitress (a.k.a. Allison) got voted off American Idol? That leaves the three cute guys left, proving my point that the majority of the people voting are 13 year old girls...and Jeremy.

*The Flight of the Conchords concert was big fun. They were funny, their songs were even funnier in person, and with their accents they kept saying "Wow. It's great to be in Dallas, Texas" or "Thank you, Dallas, Texas." But it came out sounding like "Dill-is Tick-siss." I like the sound of it with a New Zealand accent better. But whenever they'd talk for more than a couple of words, the girl behind us would scream to the girl next to her, "What'd they say?" And then that girl would yell back in a huge Texas accent, "I don't know. They're foreign. I can't understand them." I heard it about 30 times in the three hours we were there.
And we learned that Jeremy looks extremely feminine and slightly perverted when I make him hold out his arm to take a picture of us, and in doing so he has to try to scrunch really low so that both of us get in the shot, due to the fact that he's almost a full foot taller than my vertically-challenged 5'4" self.


The Lowe Family said...

uhm...jeremy has lipstick on in that picture...i swear he does.

i'm not in the market for ride-on toys now that austin's back in town...thanks though.

sorry i had to.

Andrea said...

Have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'...

My mom and I tried a couple different flavors of those premium M&Ms when we were in North Carolina last year and they were all SO GOOD. (That was our little ritual after total physical and emotional exhaustion - sampling various varieties of chocolate.)

Seriously. The humidity the past couple days has been RIDICULOUS. I can't even imagine having freshly cut grass clinging to my sticky skin. Yuck.

And I have never heard of The Flight of the Concords. Off to iTunes to check them out...

Laura said...

try youtube--i think there's a ton on there. Listen to business time or Carol Brown or Jenny. They're all good.

blindblogger said...

Love the title. I once had the lyrics memorized.

Deanna said...

I need a copy of that picture. That is so cute! Tara's little bird legs are crackin' me up.

Anonymous said...

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