Monday, May 25, 2009

Ramblings: Field Day Frolick

Friday the kids had Field Day at school. I have memories of Field Day during elementary school and it was the AWESOMEST day of the year. Races, Popsicles, ribbons--it was so much fun. So I took the boys up to the school to see all the fun and they were amazed by it all. We found Maddie after about 10 minutes of searching the sea of kids, teacher, parents, and younger siblings. Alex didn't know we were coming so he was really surprised when Aidan attacked him. Can you tell he and his buddy had already visited the Sno-Cone table? The boys were just as happy to partake of the snocones. Luckily, I caught the girl that was LOADING them with red sticky syrup and begged her to only do about 1/2 a squirt. She had a baffled look on her face but did it anyway--one day if she's in charge of laundry, she'll understand. I was a little nervous when I looked over and right next to the never-ending line of kindergartners waiting for snocones, I see this HUGE pile of hammers. Giant, heavy, skull-fracturing-in-the-hands-of-a-kindergartner hammers. Hmmm--lawsuit waiting to happen? I think so.
This is Maddie with her good friend from her class and ballet. "We're partners--we're partners for everything--ballet, P.E., Field Day, at lunchtime. Everywhere. We're always partners."It started pouring rain about halfway through the kindergartner's time outside so they were herded and shuffled back to the classroom. After about 15 minutes in there, Avery had enough and started hollering, "Let's get outta here!" It stopped raining but their allotted time for Field Day was almost up anyway, so we snagged Maddie early (much to her delight--"Everyone's going early! If I stay, I have to do work!" Except she said it really whiny like "w-o-o-o-o-o-o-rk." Kinda like you would say "stinky brussel sprouts" or something. Alex was super p.o.'d when he got home at 3:15 and found out that she escaped school early.

Luckily, he didn't have to wait too long for some more entertainment. We had Jeremy's brother Spencer and his family over Friday night. We got Quiznos and went to the playground to run around and play. We've kept them down South for a couple years now, but they are fleeing from us and returning to Washington. I may try to steal their kids before they leave. Serious cuteness.But why, why do you all have to move so far away? A perfect title for this picture of Avery. Although I'm pretty sure he was tattling about something someone did to wrong him, or maybe begging for a drink of my diet coke or something.
Maddie sustained the first of a round of injuries while Dad was spinning her on this crazy thing at the park. Basically you stand on this little round platform and hold onto this pole, and the thing spins around really, really fast in a circle. Well, he started spinning and spinning (because his machismo is directly related to how scared he can make his kids on park equipment) and somehow she lost her grip and her forehead was introduced to the metal bar. Hard.
Hanging around during pre-lump happier times.Aidan kept following me around saying "take a picture of me!" So I said, "What are you going to do for me to take a picture of?"
Tah-dah! A perfectly fun Friday night enjoying some nice pre-Summer heat.


The Lowe Family said...

jake's field day is today and after i scheduled a dentist appt for him today, by accident i felt terrible. i told him i'd reschedule and he FLIPS out..NO NO NO NO....i hate field day.

WTC? what kid hates field day? OHHHH maybe the one that always gets picked last on every team...yep, that's jake, poor guy.

Travis and Jamie said...

They didn't hand out ribbons at Trenton's field day. Cause "Everyone is a winner!" whatever. I still have my Spring Creek Elementary ribbons.