Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rave: Choc-attack

Since Christmas I've consumed approximately 3/4 of the total amount of cocoa imported to the U.S. last year. By myself. That's alotta chocolate, baby. There are two main Christmas gifts that I blame for my chocolate binging and the additional jiggly cellulite that is slowly appearing as a result.

One is this baby. It's been around a few years, but my mom got everyone one this year and we've kept it busy since Christmas. It's Mr. Coffee's Cocomotion and it's awesome. It heats the chocolate milk and gets it all frothy and piping hot in just a few minutes. And it's alot easier than individually warming sippy cups.

The other indulgence we've been scarfing is this---Serendipity 3's frozen hot chocolate. Santa left some in my stocking this year. If you've been to New York you may have had it or heard of it, but here's the awesome part. You can buy it in a mix and make it in the comfort of your own kitchen without having to stand in line for an hour.  You add milk and ice and blend away. I can't say we've ever dolloped the whipped cream on top, but I'd imagine it would be even more delicioso (as Dora would say) that way.

So if you're a choco-holic like me, or if your jeans are a bit loose and you'd like to keep them filled out, (not my problem. Ever. And if that is your problem, then I hate you. Skinny suckas.) then give one of these a try.

Yummy. Your tastebuds will love you.


Randi said...

We LOVE ours, too! We like to make mint hot chocolate, but we will have to get some of the Serendipity 3's frozen hot chocolate.
With the weather they are predicting for Wednesday-Saturday we are definitely going to be making LOTS of hot chocolate!

The Lowe Family said... summer sister here has one of those hot chocolate maker thingies and when she flaunts it in my face, i always get jealous.

her COUSIN, has the serendipitys junk. what the crap?! i'm totally outta the loop.

The Richards said...

I love the cocomotion. It is a very worthwhile purchase. Mine makes its apperance each year when it dips below 60 or so! I am not very happy with you for introducing me to the seridipity stuff, that is dangerously good!!!

Lil Eskimo said...

okay BOTH of those look amazing like i would reallllllly like them.

i know i'm always the last to know about "cool" things, but somehow feel much better in my ignorance to know j lowe's outta the loop with me. BAM!

Travis and Jamie said...

We bought a Cocomotion in Kentucky, and it greatly improved our apartment complex popularity. :) And I'm gonna have to hunt down the Seridipity mix. I've heard of it before, and then Dairy Queen that was by our complex in KY made their own version and helped me keep my britches nice and tight.

AMIT said...

Hey wow so yummy i just love choco.

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