Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ramblings: Not So Extreme Home Makeover

The not-all-that-extreme makeover part 2 has gotten underway. (The carpet chaos being part 1.) Although it was temporarily halted yesterday due to an overly ambitious, enjoying-the-ridiculously-limited-power trip delegated by the homeowners' association title of "president," that decided to be a major tool and call the city to report our project because he was upset we had forgotten to participate in the intricate approval process. I was apologetic and told him I understood the need for the process, we had just forgotten and we'd take care of it as soon as possible. He felt the need to restate over and over that he didn't want to be a jerk, but...And then he continued acting like a jerk. While he was at the door giving me a lecture, Avery walked out past him and peed into the bushes right behind him. I wouldn't have been too sad if he'd have missed and watered the guy's shoes.

A few pieces of paperwork and a city permit later, we'll be back in business tomorrow. Turd.  The builder said he doesn't usually worry about permits in little cities like ours because no one's ever bothered them about it--they come in and out within about 10 days and it's done. Well, you haven't met OUR very important HOA Presidente then because apparently he has the city officials on speed dial.

We're in the beginning stages here--lots left to be framed and then stained. Then the guy comes after that to pour the concrete, stain it and stamp it.

Although that part will be a mystery since all four of my kids decided to cry, scream, and harass me during the entire time the concrete guy was here trying to show me color samples. I excused myself three different times in humiliation to drag them screaming and yelling into the back hallway to threaten them and explain that all I needed was 10 minutes of cooperation. Too much to ask, I guess. I told the guy--I like this pattern. You pick what colors you think will look good. He fled the premises and then all four went to separate rooms for a major time out. Actually it was time for me to cool down so I didn't strangle each of them.
We've been planning this project since we moved in and finally decided to go ahead with it. Although I'm sure you wondering why, since isn't that 4 inch slab of concrete back there sufficient to fit a family of 6? Ummm, not quite. I can't believe the homebuilder wasn't embarrassed to offer that postage stamp as a "patio."
When we're done, the concrete patio will follow that blue line and basically go from end to end of the house. Plenty of room for the kids to fall and crack their heads open when they're trying to scale those cedar posts. Or to have contests to see who can pee farthest while standing on the patio table.

And now it's a torrential downpour and I get to load up the boys to go get Alex from his friend's house, pick up Maddie from gymnastics, force Alex to practice the piano, attempt to have them finish their homework, and shove food in their faces before taking Alex to scouts and myself to my weekly church activity.

Adios, amigos!

FYI, comments are now in pop up form per Dena's blatant begging. Thank or curse her. Just kiddin.


the whit said...

That looks so cool! We've been wanting to expand our patio since we moved in too, I might have to get some more info from you :)

Lil Eskimo said...

woo hoo!!!!!

aubrey said...

That is going to be awesome!