Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ramblings: Why I'm jealous of my friend's armpits

I have a friend that BOTOXed her armpits because she hated the fact that she'd get really bad sweaty pits when she got nervous. Apparently, the botox puts the sweat glands out of commission, and she swears that her armpits are always dry and her clothes are pit-stain free. Awesome. I'm totally jealous--but even more jealous that it was free. This several hundred dollar procedure cost her ZERO. Now guess why? Have you wondered why insurance is so expensive? Yup. Her health insurance covered 100% of the "procedure" because of her sweating "condition." I need to track down her dermatologist and make an appointment...

Her biggest fear: that the sweat's gonna come out somewhere else--like the top of her bumcrack or something. That seems only fair if you ask me.

And no, my friend in no way resembles the smug looking chimp above. But doesn't it totally look like that other chimp is conducting a thorough examination to figure out how botox could've stopped a massive outpouring of sweat from that pit? "You mean--he just stuck the needle right here, and here, and that's it? Amazing."

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The Lowe Family said...

ok i have totally heard of this and for you to tell me i could possibly get it done for FREE makes me wanna scream. i'm gonna look into it ASAP because i've got some of the sweatiest pits in the nation...i swear to you. do you think i could get botox in the crack between my eyes for free because it makes me look like i have a butt crack on my face when i'm squinting in the sun?