Monday, March 31, 2008

Rave: Spring Showers

I hosted Deanna's (sis-in-law) baby shower brunch this past weekend and some of you have been asking how it went. We had a great turn out, despite it being a very busy Saturday for most people. It turned out that there were three or four church activities that were scheduled the same day....grrr...but we ended up with over 20 peeps anyway.

When people arrived, I had them: 1) Fill out an envelope with their name/address for the thank you cards so Deanna didn't have to address all of them. I had Deanna pull one at random later and the winner got a Bath and Body Works gift set. 2) Write their favorite boy name on a stick with their initials. We drew one out later and the winner got to pick a prize. 3) Write a little bit of advice on raising boys or on how boys are different from girls (this baby is #3 but the first boy. You probably can't see, but in the abc frame is a sonogram pic of him).

Despite our best approximations, we ended up with WAY too much food...which is actually ok, because now I don't have to cook all week. Thanks Costco, for all the awesome produce, muffins, and croissants. The before and after shots of the buffet....For everyone who requested the salad recipes, I'll be posting them later when I get them typed up.

Deanna got lots of great gifts---tiny man clothes and shoes in abundance. If you look at the coffee table--you'll see my grass grew! I stressed a couple a weeks ago when planting this that it would grow in time, but it did not let me down. Thanks Mother Nature, for the few 80 degree days and humidity--this is the one time I actually appreciated it. I used liter paint cans from Lowe's then attached a fat brown ribbon near the top and a skinny blue and white polka dot ribbon in the middle of the brown.

We "played" a game while she opened the gifts (idea courtesy of Andrea F.). I set a timer for two and a half minutes, and whomever's gift she was opening when it went off got to pick a prize from the prize table. This went over really well--it kept everyone's attention and they liked not having to do anything cheesy to win. Andrea created some of the giveaways, which everyone thought were awesome (of course). Other prize items: cute journals, lotions and soaps from B & B Works, compact mirror, notepad, and a cute painted plaque.

This was my favorite picture from the day. Deanna's mom, Deanna, and her Granny rubbing her big, round, ready to burst belly.

When everyone left, I told them to take a favor from the pail by the door--M&M's in a round metal tin. Not everyone obeyed because last night I had to eat 12 tins worth of candy while watching Dexter (a good, but incredibly creepy show edited for TV from Showtime about a Forensics policeman that is also a serial killer. Oh, but don't worry, he only kills bad people. So that makes it OK.)


Kimball & Marianne Larsen said...

It looks like you've done some painting in the kitchen and great window treatments since I've been there. (It's been a while, so it may not be new to you.) Everything looked beautiful!

Laura said...

Yeah we had the main areas of the house painted along with the kitchen probably about a year ago...? And I finally got gutsy enough to pay way to much for fabric I obsessed over for months and made some curtains in the kitchen.

Brent and Kashann said...

Laura, you really know how to put on a party. I am remembering this blog post to reference next time I plan a shower.