Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ramblings: Rainy Day; Raves: Good Music

In Texas we are experiencing some really wacky weather lately. Yesterday, I spent all day outside with kids in sunny 70 degree weather. Today: rain, rain, and more rain and right now my computer tells me it's 35 out there. It's even supposed to snow tonight or tomorrow. Last Saturday was almost 80, and in excited anticipation of Spring, we went and bought the boys sandals (while buying Alex a new pair of soccer cleats. His feet are suddenly growing nonstop). Looks like they'll be wearing them around inside the house for awhile.

But today has actually been kind of a nice rainy day. After loading Alex on the bus and dropping Maddie at preschool, the boys and I went to run some errands. Of course the rain started while we were in the store and I got drenched loading up the boys in the downpour. So we made a quick run thru Sonic (to get a life-time's portion of Diet Coke--for me, not them), came home and changed into sweats. I managed to polish of the last of my Thin Mints (dang those Girl Scouts), flick on the fireplace (yeah, it's a fake one) and enjoy some good music while cleaning up around the house. I made an impulse purchase of some "ruby" lipgloss while out today--red's not usually my choice in lipwear, but I figured it was worth the risk for the buck fifty I paid for it on sale. A little brightness on a dreary day never hurts.

Rave: Good Music

I pretty much always have music playing around the house. Different types for different times, activities, or what moods I'm trying to get the kids in. Lately, I've been enjoying some of my standards: Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall and The Weepies. Pretty much anything by them is good, and it's mellow enough to have on without making the kids wild and crazy. I recently found and have also been enjoying Jaymay's "Autumn Fallin'", which is good mellow stuff too.

For wild and crazy dancemania, or for good cleaning tunes, we turn on Maroon 5, old school rap like MC Hammer or KrisKross (I shouldn't be admitting to this, should I?), or this Latin music Jeremy and his sister downloaded. The kids have no idea what they're hearing or singing, but there's always a good fast beat. Check out Orishas on iTunes if you're curious.

My nice mellow day has just ended. Avery is refusing to nap, and in doing so, woke up Aidan. At least I still have the lip gloss, right?


Andrea said...

Yeah, I am really sick of this up and down of the weather. Can we just pick a season and stick with it? Please?

I love finding new music! Thanks for listing those. I am off to iTunes to check them out!

Cristin said...

So fun to catch your comment and find you...Looks like you guys are doing great...

(BTW, I live for those 44 oz. diet cokes...daily...)

Your kiddos are so cute, and I'm soooo jealous (really, really jealous) that you got to see MB in concert...Life is so unfair!