Monday, March 3, 2008

Ramblings: Partners in Crime

This is what happened when I was off vacuuming the rest of the house this morning. Aidan and Avery helped themselves to their favorite snack and then escaped to the office to dump it everywhere.

Avery was so upset after Tyson sucked up all his "fyoot woops." He kept giving me the "where'd they go" hand sign while giving Tyson the stink eye.

After I managed to clean up the fruit loop fiasco, I thought I had them distracted enough to go shower. I was wrong. They made it into the envelopes.
And then apparently they unleashed their destructive forces upon the kitchen bowls...
Luckily, this morning's messes were all easy-cleanups. Most days are not so fun: like when they finger painted the entire kitchen with yogurt that Maddie had abandoned on the table, then threw potting soil all over it. Or when they used my lipstick to decorate themselves and my bathroom. What gets really old, is that they do these crazy things all day, everyday, sometimes more than once a day. You'd think that eventually they'd get bored emptying out every drawer in their dresser. Nope. Still good fun on a daily basis.

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Kimball & Marianne Larsen said...

I'm imagining my Jaxon X 2 and feeling your pain. sheesh! Truthfully, you have to admit that venting about all of that did help you see a little humor in it, right? Especially when you're documenting it with pictures for future blackmail and proof.

Sounds like you had a fun get-away! Kimball and I have one planned this weekend, so hearing of your adventures makes me really look forward to it!