Monday, March 17, 2008

Ramblings: Maddie's Musings

In the car, five minutes after Aidan threw up on himself:
"It smells like BONNET in here!" ("bonnet"=vomit)

Sliding down the fireman's pole on our swing set, giving Jeremy a flash of the horror he would feel if she says this in, say, 14 years:
"I really know how to work this pole good."

After Jeremy told Alex he had something sticky in his hair:
"What if WITCHES lived in our hair?"


Andrea said...

Maybe we should change the word to "bonnet." It sounds much less gross. And who uses the actual "word bonnet" anyway?

Oh, and I sure wish our plans hadn't been ruined. I was really looking forward to seeing you guys. Dang strep.

Andrea said...

Ooh. That pasta recipe looks good. Kind of reminds me of one I found that we love. You can find it here: (that marinade is REALLY good!)

Travis and Jamie Shepherd said...

Don't ya just love the crazy things that kiddos say. Our Jacob is always coming up the craziest things. It's like he lives in another world and just visits us from time to time. Really he isn't as crazy as I make him sound.

Laura said...

How's the strep? We all got some nasty coughing virus of some sort that the boys passed around.