Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ramblings: Happy Tax-iversary

12 years ago, accompanied by the world's largest bouquet, Jeremy (with his chili-bowl, shaved-sides hairdo) and I with GIANT bangs were married. Apparently bad hair was requisite. And getting married on tax day was an added bonus for Jeremy, making it easier for him to remember future anniversaries and keeping him out of unnecessary hot water.

I surprised him with his new dream grill for the recently completed, but hardly used back porch. With a trial looming, he's been working CRAZY hours and hasn't been around to even try it out yet. It was delivered about a week ago and Mr. Observant even walked past it a few times without noticing it.  He surprised me by lining up the cleaning lady that I've been dreaming about, but couldn't justify spending the money on yet. She's starting next week and I'm giddy--I'll keep you posted. I figure she'll really come in handy in the next year or so, when I'm walking around with a kid attached at the hip and I'm in a sleep-deprived zombie state. 12 years and (almost) 5 kids later, I've earned the break, right? Please. I need someone to agree with me. See. I'm already feeling guilty.

We had lunch today downtown while the boys were at preschool and thought about where we'll be in 12 more years.  Alex will almost be done with his 2 year mission to who-knows-where, Maddie will be in college, and get this--the twins will be getting their drivers licenses. Holy Moly. And Baby Wiener will almost be a teenager. Seems like alot more will be happening in the next 12 years than I'm mentally prepared least I'll have a clean house.

Ok. And if you're wondering why I called the innocent little fetus "Baby Wiener"...?
One of Maddie's friends in her class relayed a HILARIOUS conversation to her mom that she'd had with Maddie in class. The mom grabbed me as we were dropping the boys off at preschool. Her son is also in their class. She said, "I have to tell you what Maddie told Riley at school." She goes on to tell me how Maddie said that she was disappointed the doctor said the baby is a boy because, GET THIS, she "didn't want any more babies with wieners." Why? Apparently because her brothers have wieners and they love their wieners and they are always messing with them. So she has no desire for a baby that has a wiener. Oh my goodness. I've never laughed so hard and been so mortified at the same time. Not that her observations aren't true, but just the fact she's telling other innocent-eared first graders about the wiener situation is probably not a good thing.

Alex's comment when I told him the doctor said he was 98% sure it's a boy: "YES! Oh. Sorry, mom. Well, at least there's still a 2% chance." Apparently, it was common knowledge that I was hoping for a baby without a wiener as well.  But, wiener it is. I've got to say that the twins have made it almost impossible for me to be shocked by any wild, rambunctious, boy-behavior. So I can comfort myself with the knowledge that it will only be one maniac this time instead of two. Next year's anniversary present may be a week long stay in a sanitarium.

To 12 more years...


Ciana said...

Dave and I were thinking about the name for new little one. Since you already have a weenie. We thought you could name your new one after HFC Pieper- Heinrich Freidrich Christian and call him Hiney.

Congrats on the cleaning lady. I will not believe that she will be saving you from cleaning but at least relieving some of the burden. Good luck!

Kimball and Marianne Larsen said...

I'm thrilled for you! Did I miss the post of the great news?! I think everyone I know is pregnant! When is the due date? I hope you're feeling well. One may seem like cake after going through twin boys. Maybe not, since those twins are older and still need chasing?

Congrats to you both on year 12! Wow! Seems like yesterday he was still picking you up from F. Smith Hall. :)

Taylor Tracks said...

A cleaning lady is by far the BEST investment we have EVER made (except maybe medical school to pay for it?). Enjoy!!

Larman Family said...

CONGRATS! I had no idea you were expecting! I am excited for you. I think even though boys are total monsters from the time they are born on, nothing is worse than having a teenage girl! It looks like Jason is going to be working in Rockwall at the DAs office so maybe I will see you sometime soon- but I refuse to move to Rockwall so maybe not. Good luck and best wishes!

Travis and Jamie said...

I didn't know that you were expecting either! Congrats lady. Wow, I thought three boys was crazy. Good luck! ;) So jealous of your cleaning lady. Can't wait to see how it goes.

HunDuddle Hussy said...

did yall get married when jeremy was in the marine corps? his hair looks familiar.

and ur bangs...oh lordy.

u know when you use a curling iron and you hairspray your hair while IN the curling iron and then when you let it out it's like crunchy and perfectly in the curl shape? had that DOWN PAT.

hotness. both of you.