Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ramblings: Calling all doctors

Riding in the car, Aidan discovered his Spiderman dude that had been lost for awhile. Apparently while stuck in a some weird crevice in the minivan, he lost the lower half of his arm.

Aidan: Oh no! Mom, I found Spiderman. But now he has a peg-arm.
(His current favorite Backyardigans episode features Pablo as a pirate with a peg-leg.)

Me: Maybe he's a pirate Spiderman now.

Aidan: No. He just needs some soy-juh-wee. (translation--surgery.)

So if you know any doctors specializing in superhero extremity reattachment, let me know. We have a peg-armed Spiderman in need of some serious help. We might need to have him take a look at those webbed feet, too.

I found this picture on my phone and it made me laugh.  We took the kids to see the 3-D Alice in Wonderland and these were the glasses they were supposed to wear. They only lasted in them for about 20 minutes, which had to be pretty miserable for them since the 3-D movie is totally fuzzy if you're not wearing them. Good thing they're as nuts as they are, and didn't care or notice and spent the entire 1 hour and 45 minutes fighting over a Sprite and eating King sized chocolate candy bars.
Aidan kind of reminds me of that obnoxious dancing guy from the Six Flags commercials. If only he would've worn his red bow tie to the movies that day...
But he's got that crazy smile down pretty good. 
And I promised to show you my beach encounter with Dog the Bounty Hunter. If that ain't him walking through the sand in his pointy cowboy boots with his lovely locks blowing in the wind, then he has a doppelganger in Florida that hangs out with other long haired weirdos in way too tight jeans.  I'm just relieved that sand Alex was flinging from his shovel didn't land firmly in his man-boobie cleavage. Cuz I didn't really need an up close encounter with Dog.


aubrey said...

Looks like Spidey could also stand to have some work done on his feet? What on earth are those?

HunDuddle Hussy said...

aidan is a spitting image of that six flags dude...which makes me wonder about jeremy...

and that is totally dog.