Monday, September 28, 2009

Rave: We have LIFT-OFF or more accurately-- Lift-Up

So after 4+ weeks of impatient, frustrated anticipation....the TAUPE (no--not white. And no--not almond!) garage doors have arrived and been installed. I was convinced after all the hassle and setbacks with the order that I'd walk out to look at them, after listening to them being installed for three hours, and see bright white or light pink or something else TOTALLY! WRONG!

But LUCKILY (and even luckier for the installer, who would've been hanging upside down from the spanking new, awesomely quiet, super-strong, battery-backed up garage door opener) the doors were the right size and color and the installation process went smoothly. And now with the new opener, we can even open and close the garage door without the kids running downstairs, panicked and screaming about nonexistent earthquakes and thunder.

Now the next "our house is falling apart" hurdle is a new air conditioning unit for the upstairs. It went kaput about two weeks ago and we've been suffering through it in the hopes that the weather will suddenly, uncharacteristically turn freezing and stay that way til Spring (when I say "we've been suffering," I mean the kids that sleep up there, because let's face it--if Jeremy and I would have to deal with the sweltering heat every night, that dang thing would've been replaced 13 minutes after it went out). Unfortunately we've had many days in the 90's and the kids have lost half their body weights via sweating. Texas just isn't one of those places you can get by without an a.c.

We've gotten a couple of quotes and Alex will once again be spending all his vacation days and after-school hours assembling tiny plastic trinkets in his room that's been temporarily converted to a small sweat shop in order to earn some extra money for all these household repairs. Ironically, it's also literally a sweat shop because the thermostat reads about 83*...and will continue to do so until he earns the $3800 to replace that dang a/c unit.


Candice and Peter said...

I feel your pain. Peter decided to save some money in our new house by not using our A/C. Our house has been in he low 80's (if we are lucky, upper 70's) since we moved in. This week, the weather is finally cooling down and this morning I woke up to a cool house. Cool enough that I even did my hair this morning. There's something about a blow dryer blowing hot air on you that doesn't mix well with 80+ temperature.

The Lowe Family said...

i thought ur kids ran around nude because it was fun, i didn't know you were slowly killing them with texas heat and it's all they could do to try to escape.

Lil Eskimo said...

pictures of the new doors?