Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RAVE: P is for Preschool

{Insert sound of a heavenly choir of angels singing the Alleluia chorus over and over again}

Today is (duh, dum, dum--that was my weak attempt at spelling out the sound of a drumroll)...

The First Official Day of the Boys Preschool!!!

Yes I realize Avery's picture is blurry and one day he will accuse me of loving him less because of it. My camera battery was croaking and I was trying to take the picture and remove the lens cap in one motion, which = blurry. Sorry.

This day's been a long time coming--the older kids have been in school for two weeks now and the boys keep asking me when they get to start. We went to Meet the Teacher last week but as we were walking in, the school nurse called me because Maddie was sick in her office and needed to be picked up. Well, there was NO telling the boys we weren't going in to see their classroom because I'd been talking it up all summer to get them excited about it. Plus, I knew the teacher wanted to meet them and size us just how much protective equipment she needed to wear the first day.

So I felt super crappy but I asked the nurse, "Uh, ok. Uh. Is it OK if I get there in like 15 or 20 minutes? Will she be ok?"

Dead silence. "Okkkkay," she finally says really slowly like I really AM indeed the super crappy mother I feel like making a sick kid wait 15 minutes. But seriously, are all parents within 5 minutes at any time of picking up their kid? So we made a rush through all the classroom info--where to hang the backpacks, where to put the lunches, where the bathrooms are, etc. They immediately ran in and started getting puzzles and blocks out to play with--I could've left them without them even noticing. That's how I like it---I already feel guilty for enjoying the few hours of alone time while they're there, and the last thing I need is to think that they're crying pathetically or feeling abandoned. Not going to be an issue with these two, I don't think.

But just as they were really starting to have fun, and before I could take them around the rest of the building to show them the music room or where they eat lunch, I had to rush them out and back to the car to go get Maddie.

"WHY MADDIE SICK?! WHY WE HAVE TO GO GET HER?! WHY WE CAN'T STAY AND PLAY?!" They weren't too happy about having to take off so quickly. But they did like to talk about barf and throw up and all the other things involved with Maddie being sick.

So today they were so excited when they saw their new lunchboxes in the fridge, all packed up and waiting to be loaded in their new backpacks. I guarantee they will only eat a few bites of everything because they get so distracted by all the other kids and things going on, meaning they will be STARVING when I pick them up just like the other two used to do.

And as much as we've tried all summer, I'm only sending 50% of the duo fully potty-trained. Luckily, the teachers are taking pity on me and allowing Avery to go anyway. She assured me that they always have a couple (usually boys) that haven't quite caught on yet. Well, Avery REALLY hasn't caught on--he could, but he's stubborn and says "he likes to" poop and pee in his pull ups. What do you say to that?

I love that confused/"no fair" look on Avery's face when I break it to him that he isn't going to be riding the school bus.

***Now I'm off to drive them to preschool!***

I'm back--from dropping them off and from 2 glorious hours of running errands, doing some shopping, and exploring this weird new-found QUIET freedom. I keep checking the clock and keeping a mental countdown--"ok. I have four more hours. Three more hours. Oh man. Less than 2 hours. I better get moving..."

This preschool thing is A-OK. I'll let you know if I still feel that way when I pick them up in a couple of hours, napless and exhausted from such an exciting day.

P.S. Someone please email me and let me know if the bloggity blog blog is still being naughty. It was having some issues last week, but I've spanked it sufficiently and I hope it's behaving better now.


Sandito said...

There is no way to express how excited I am for you and your part-time freedom. It has been a long time coming and you sooooooooo deserve it! Let's celebrate tomorrow!!!!!

Shannan said...

Oh, I know that one. The girls were sooo ready to go to school. I remember the Boo-hoo breakfast and thinking "am I a bad mother because I'm so excited for them to start and I'm NOT crying?" I felt bad, but then I got over it. Everyone deals with it differently!

Deanna said...

Woohoo!!! They look so excited!!!

Shaela said...

Congratulations! :)

Amy said...

I'm glad to see you send them without shoes...in true Texas fashion.

Andrea said...

Congratulations on your hours of freedom! How exciting! They look so grown up...

The Lowe Family said...

i like to poo and pee in my pullups too. i feel for him.