Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ramblings: The countdown's on...

I will escape this den of iniquity tonight at approximately 6:45 to meet up with some fabulous girlfriends for dinner at the fabulously delicious PF Chang's. Sadly, it is because one of the girlies is moving her crew across country in the next couple of weeks. But we will go and have fun because we are leaving all the children behind for some serious partying--I think over 16 kids will be motherless for a few hours! ok, not real "partying" but I'm anticipating lots of caffeinated beverages flowing, laughter, and relatively raucous behavior for a bunch of sleep deprived moms out on the town.

This escape is coming at an entirely perfect time--Jeremy's in trial this week, which means we haven't see him since about the last week of June. Well, he has come home to swap his dirty laundry for clean underwear so that's something I guess. The kids assume he has traveled to some foreign country named "Court." How long is the airplane ride to Court? How far away is Court? What does Court look like? Can we go visit Court sometime? Little do they know, "Court" is only about 25 miles away in downtown Dallas.

Anyway, yesterday was a horribly long, never-ending, rotten day and as if it wasn't bad enough, all the kids copped attitudes and grew outright rebellious around bedtime. I struggled to get them in bed for over an hour and I was finally about to sit down to enjoy my ice cold Diet Coke at 9:30 PM, but I was frazzled from hauling Maddie back and forth from time out for yelling and back talking (I was going to ignore her nastiness until she screamed right in my face that she didn't have to go to bed, and she was never going to do anything that I said. Ever. And then she kind of slapped my arm--like she was wanted to do it but she knew she was busted before she even did it. Kind of a challenge I guess. I had to respond to that one even though I was way too exhausted). So after all that, I was heading to the couch to sit down and I knocked my precious off the end table and it hit the floor, spraying and shooting around the room like a rocket. Let's just say, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day. HA!

So tonight, Grandma gets to deal with the demons and I will get to deal with stuffing my face with lettuce wraps and Mongolian beef. I hope grandma brings her p.j.'s because I may never come back.


Keyomi said...

i hear ya..

love ur posts.
an avid reader!

The Lowes said...

that's exactly what i told my mom. she said asked what time i'd be back and i said, "maybe never"

YAY!!! I can't wait!!!

ps...your word verification makes me wanna scream. my word has about 32 letters in it...no joke.

Andrea said...

What a shame to waste a "precious" like that. Especially when it is so needed. Not good. :)

Have a great time on your girls night!

The Richards said...

PF Changs and no kids, sounds like heaven. I think it was a full moon or something yesturday because every kid I know started acting crazy! I was about to quit, but then a got a smile and it was all better. Hasn't Maddie learned that she can't out do the always quick Laura? She'll learn:)