Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ramblings: When good times go bad...

I finally downloaded the pics from my camera. All were of Trace (which should keep the Grandmas happy). At least he'll never be able to claim there aren't any pictures of him like most last-borns do.

Those Russian czars sure are fickle.

 Hello, I'm Trace. I'm sure happy. Let's try some tummy time.

Well, now this is some real fun. Wow. I can look all around.
Hey Mom! There you are!
Ok. Wait. This is getting kinda hard. 
My neck. It' of a head.
Rolling over is so over-rated. I'll eat my fist until I feel better. 


Alainna Beus said...

He's so cute, Laura. And so big already! My mom and dad came home from their trip to see you guys saying he looked just like Jeremy. But I think he looks the most like you. Especially his eyes. He's such a cutie. Hopefully I'll be able to meet him this summer!

brentandkashann said...

SO cute! So Happy! I love him. I hate not knowing him at all!