Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ramblings: UN-eventful backlog of junk

It snowed Sunday. Which meant we spent 45 minutes gathering up warm clothes, coats, hats, and gloves for all the kids to go play in it, only to have them peeled off and strewn across the kitchen about 35 minutes after that. Luckily I started the hot chocolate machine (yeah, that's right--a machine dedicated solely to the production of hot cocoa. If you don't have one, you definitely should) the minute they all got outside. Maddie was first back in followed by Aidan. Then Trace. (Only kidding. Calm down. He was snuggled warmly in his crib snoozing the day away.) Alex lasted the longest and has a snow fort to show for his endurance and frostbite.

It's been freezing here this week. I know, I know. You folks in areas where it snows all winter long have no sympathy. But us wienies down here in Texas like our winters at a manageable 50 degrees. Because of the windchill today, it's supposed to feel about 19* or something. Completely UNACCEPTABLE. How am I supposed to lock three wild boys (and half the neighborhood kids) in the backyard to burn off their energy when it's so dang cold? Instead I have them all running through the house like wild hooligans. Completely UNMANAGEABLE.

Jeremy flew to Minnesota yesterday. Right before he left his office for the airport he called and said, "Uh-oh. I forgot to bring my coat." There's a very good reason I packed for him for the first 10 years we were married. I wonder what he'll have to show for his frostbite. But don't feel too bad. He managed to send a courier to come pick it up from the house and chauffeur it to him before his flight left. The guy gave me the strangest look when I handed him a garment bag on a hanger. I think he expected important documents or a cooler marked "HUMAN HEART" or something. I'm going to have a business card printed up reading "Please excuse my husband's ADD." I could hand it out on many occasions. The kids are jealous Dad is somewhere where there is tons of snow in the winter. Alex has proclaimed that we need to go to Minnesota for vacation next Christmas for two WHOLE weeks (he was very emphatic. I talked him down from a month) so they can have adequate time to play in the snow. Hmm. Completely UNLIKELY.

So I've hit that part of post-pregnancy when my hair sheds. Does this happen to everyone else?? I practically have a handful if I run my hand through my hair. It's everywhere. Poor little Trace has it all over him. Maybe I could save it and weave a little toupee for him to wear. He's still bald and not very much fuzz has grown back. Except that saving hair in a ziploc sounds a little too much like something serial killers do. (Because otherwise weaving a wig for a three month old would be perfectly normal, right?) This picture is over a month old, but I couldn't help but point out his resemblance to megamind.  UNCANNY. He almost even got the mouth right.

The boys had preschool again today for the first time since before Christmas. It's been about a month. In kid terms that's practically an eternity. They were a little confused--at first they thought it was a new school year and they were all geared up for their first day of kindergarten. I'm relieved it wasn't since they have no interest in learning anything they need to know before kindergarten really does start next year. Needless to say the few quiet hours around here have been welcome. A quiet house--completely UNUSUAL.

I just realized that Jeremy adjusted the office chair while he was in here working this weekend. I didn't realize I was typing with the keyboard practically at eye level. Tough life for us vertically challenged. Much better now. Just in time to sign off. Must mentally prepare for the after-school rush of snacks, fights, homework, piano lessons, dinner, showers, and finally BEDTIME. UNQUESTIONABLY the best time of day. Although getting all five in bed (and staying there) seems to take all night. Especially when my backup is freezing his hiney off in Minnesota and when my patience is UNEXISTENT. (Stuck that in just to see if you were paying attention).

Kisses from me and T til next time. He refused to smooch his lips because he caught sight of the bright computer screen taking our picture. It's a good thing I raised up that chair or all you'd have gotten is the top of my head.
Next time...the tale of the new TV cabinet.


Kris said...

Yay! You posted. And the wind chill was 9, give credit where it's due.

PS: How do you get a courier to go and get stuff for you? I need that.

aubrey said...

No kidding Kris... I need a lackey to run errands for me too.

Trace is such a doll and you look great!

Travis and Jamie said...

I go through a great amount of hair loss too. I go from a hugemungus ponytail to a super thin one for about six months. Trav hates when it gets to that point. It gets in his socks, undies(tmi), the kids diapers (still so bizarre as to how it gets there)EVERYWHERE! I wondered if I could collect it all and sell it online for a while. But I'm sure no one would buy my discarded hair ball. Oh well.

Pamela said...

Hot cocoa machine was bought right after you posted about it. It has been like a member of the family up here in chilly Oregon. Trace is adorable! And the shedding thing...must be a family trait.