Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ramblings: Top 10 ways you know it's been too long since you blogged...

10. Your kids' teeth have already grown in since the latest pictures on your blog where the teeth were missing.
9. Your ten year old lectures you about how you need to "write more stuff online" for him to read.
8. Your nine year old had a birthday and turned ten--and now he thinks he can lecture you. 
7. The newborn you were writing about last time often sleeps in 8 hour chunks at night now. WHOO-HOO!
6. It's been so long since you typed on a keyboard that you have to relearn the "home keys."
5. (Another) One of your kids has decided to pee in various rooms other than the bathroom and you haven't told the internet world about it yet.
4. The last post was before your Christmas decorations had been put up and now there's Valentines Day stuff for sale at Target and they're prepping for Easter.
3. The blogger log in page asks, "Really? I thought you were dead" when you sign in.
2. The kids have smashed 5 holes in our walls through the sheet rock and we've already gotten around to patching them. 
1. Blog? What blog?

I'll be better now. I promise. I've got new pictures and fun stories involving bodily functions and more home destruction. Just in time for the New Year.

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brentandkashann said...

My child saw that I was on your blog and said from across the room. . . "Oh she is finally posting?" We are all in suspense over here. I love it that Trace is sleeping 8 hours! Wow, time flies. You are skinny again already (Christmas card photo) and your baby sleeps through the night!