Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ramblings: I smell bacon

This is why my brain hurts. This is why I consume too many caffeinated beverages. This is why I feel like I'm always going in circles. And I twitch and jerk for no reason at all. This is why I have such deep frown lines and a gray hair. And why I never get anything accomplished.

While I was working on these this morning (finally), I thought the boys were upstairs "playing." No, that's not a subliminal ad for Diet Dr. Pepper--it's just what was helping me keep my eyeballs open this morning. Also, it may be the reason why if you receive a Christmas card, it may appear to have been addressed by a two year old with Parkinson's.

As it turns out, "playing" is the equivalent of emptying the contents of Maddie's room and the playroom into the long hallway to construct a " 'normous train." Look at that guilty little perp in the background. His shirt says "I ate Santa's cookies"--that's about right.

Pork Chop had a busy morning as well. The boys informed me that she was the one that climbed up on the counter while I was in the shower and sneaked into the bowl of brownies dropped off at our house last night . That it was Pork Chop, and Pork Chop alone, that hauled them around the downstairs to a variety of hiding spots, leaving quite a few chocolate crumb trails. And then when Pork Chop was thirsty after all those brownies, she tried to get a drink of water from the dispenser in the fridge and her cloven hooves were the ones responsible for flooding half the kitchen. And then Pork Chop, fearing that she was totally busted, took the rest of the brownies into the hall closet and hid until Aidan decided to rat her out. Hmm.

And sometime during the brownie fiasco, Pork Chop also found time to empty two entire drawers of cooking utensils and supplies and carry them to the couch. I'm assuming Pork Chop walks on her hind legs when we're not around--cuz without using those two front hooves to carry all that stuff, I don't know how many trips she'd have to have taken.

Based on how frustrated Pork Chop has made me this morning, I think we may indeed be having bacon for Christmas morning. Let's just say it's a good thing Santa's pretty forgiving or he wouldn't have too much to drop off at our house this year.

Now I'm off to disassemble one enormous train.


Amy said...

Why they gotta throw pork chop under the bus?

The Lowe Family said...

wow. i thought my kids were rowdy.

thegilbreathfam said...

at first i thought the normous train looked pretty crazy...then i realized how kind he was to leave almost all the items, (toys and clothes) in the baskets!!! my daughter loves to make trains out of the empty toy bins that she gets from dumping everything out into her newly clean play room floor. do you manage to disipline the sweet children without yelling???? if so, you are amazing.