Monday, November 23, 2009

Ramblings: And many more...

Today we celebrated the entrance of this little nugget to the world. I married a much larger version of this six pounder, but the eyebrows and that worried looking forehead are pretty much still the same. And now I'm laughing because Aidan just walked up and said, "What happened to that baby? He looks weird!"

He celebrated his big day by getting up at 5 to go in to work early to get ready for some court thing he had this afternoon. The kids were baffled that he had to go to work on his birthday. "But it's his birthday!?"

The kids picked out a new wallet for him--and he owes me one because I steered them away from the "really awesome" gray velcro wallet that Maddie loved. Nothing screams "I'm worth the big $$ you're paying me" to your clients after an important business lunch than whipping out your AmEx from a gray flannel velcro wallet circa 1988. And I think there was a skull on one flap. attorney with an edgy skater side, maybe. Luckily we agreed on a simple black leather one.

And he'd be toying around with his new iphone if the people at the AT&T store weren't ridiculous. (His old one just bit the dust--or he broke it on purpose. The timing is strikingly suspicious.) They wouldn't let me buy one on our account because Jeremy is the primary name on the account and they needed his permission. I explained it was a gift and he was in court, so I couldn't get the "verbal authorization" from him even if I wanted to. Too bad, so sad. No can do. So after waiting in that stupid store for them to "try to see if they could do it" for 20 minutes, we left empty-handed and ended up having to wrap one of the boys' big plastic cell phones. Buy your own present, sucka. I guess they want it to be really difficult for people to give phones as Christmas interesting business plan.

And despite the 60-some delectable, intricate, time-consuming recipes in the dessert section of my recipe binder, I knew what he would want for his birthday "cake." That grin on his face tells me I was right. His all-time favorite treat--it's like one giant peanut butter cup. It's a pathetic looking birthday cake, though. But I have to admit that I appreciated the fact that it only took 10 minutes from start to finish.

Spiderman was nice enough to attend the party in case his services were needed. But he had to remove his hood and reveal his true identity to help blow out the random candles that the kids jammed in the "cake".

Happy Birthday! Now go buy your own present.


Deanna said...

That cake is funny. Maybe you need to make about 4 together to make it look less pathetic.

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!!! Tara has a card in the works for you...or maybe there's about 20 coming your way.

Lindsay said...

what turds!! i hate the cell phone store.. it makes me wanna throw up... and then stab someone.....i have issues. Happy birthday Jeremy!! you're a good wife.. no not jeremy.. YOU laura.. jeez

Tom and Jen Loveland Family said...

Happy late birthday, Jeremy!