Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rant: Pain in the neck....I mean ear.

My list of things to accomplish today got squashed by a last minute dr.'s appointment for Maddie. She had a rough time with the airplane landing yesterday and woke up in the night with a hurting ear. The kid's been congested for so long that I don't remember what her normal voice sounds like.  We figured it was probably an ear infection and we were right. 

Luckily since all the kids were up at about 6 today--still hating daylight savings and the hour time difference we adjusted to in Florida--we were all dressed and ready to leave as soon as the doctor's office was open and ready to take us. 

But because it's still Spring Break here, I got to load all the crazies in to that tiny little exam room and then to the store to pick up her medicine.  But also since we just got back yesterday, I (being mentally insane) decided to accomplish the much needed grocery restocking as well. Plus the doc wanted me to give her DanActive yogurt so she wouldn't get diarrhea (the boys would love it if they knew I just wrote that word) from the antibiotics. It's a good thing that after last week, they've all gotten used to being hauled around when they are cranky and tired and the boys didn't even try once to escape the car part of the grocery cart. All that time living in the Disney double stroller paid off.  Plus, there was a beer display near the pharmacy that had a basketball hoop attached and they discussed that at great length while we were waiting. 

I will be finding some time amidst the stacks and stacks of clean clothes waiting to be put away ( I HATE that part) to mail off the 'guess where we're going for Spring Break' contest prize to a certain winner in Colorado. Yeah, I forgot to take your address with me so you'll be getting it a bit late. And NO, even though I wanted to get the Tinker bell lingerie that said something about Magic Happens across the front, I did not buy it for fear that your husband will think I'm a complete loon instead of just a slightly insane person from your past. Plus, it looked like it might fit a seven year old, which is disturbing on a number of levels. 

In a happier non-ear throbbing moment--here's Maddie at Disney sporting some of her gear that she picked up on the trip. Today she's currently wearing most of it and is almost entirely pink from head to toe. She looks like Minnie Mouse's closet threw up on her.  Aidan's favorite color is pink (which drives Jeremy absolutely crazy) so he snatched it to jazz up his upside down Wall-E shades. He didn't find our laughter amusing. 


The Lowe Family said...

love the pink hat!! especially on aidan.

glad ur back. i can't wait to go down further and read more.

Sue Anderson said...

Laura, As I read your blog, it just makes me more thankful, that you're my brother's child and not mine. I couldn't take all the crazy that you go through each and every day. You're a Saint in my eyes and your "Blessing List" is getting longer and longer each minute. The Lord will someday come in and bless you greatly for all the things you have gone through with your children and that YOU'VE SURVIVED!...

Travis and Jamie said...

I won?! Yeah! I never win any thing. And thanks for saving me from Tinker Bell. I'll make sure not to mention it to Trav, he might get some crazy idea. :)