Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ramblings: Bleh

Haven't felt like writing nuthin' lately. Nuthin fun going on. 

We finished Alex's science fair project yesterday. Getting that kid to sit down and focus on anything (except games) is like pulling teeth. So finishing all of that was a major accomplishment.  If you'd like to know if temperature affects magnet strength, give me a holler and I'll report the results of our experiments.

I've gotten two car repair estimates and I've scheduled my kidney removal operation for this weekend to pay for it. We're looking at about $2000. For someone's totally irresponsible action that we had no control over. Grrr.
Got the boys signed up for "school" next year. WHOO-HOO!  They'll be going to a little preschool/mother's day out program right by our house on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2:30. I gladly handed over that $300 check for enrollment. They got to tour the place while we were there and sit in on a music class. They are SO excited. It's the same place I've taken both Alex and Maddie, so everyone there knows the twins and is excited to have them start there. I'm definitely the MOST excited to get them there next fall. But that just means we have to attack the process of getting them potty trained pretty soon because it's "encouraged" before they start. 

Did I mention that our single garage door also bit the big one last week? In case you were wondering, garage doors AREN'T supposed to move horizontally as well as vertically.  A few months ago we had them fixed but the guy warned me that they may not last much longer because the builder used cheap ones and didn't install the right number of something-or-others and so they are stressed every time they are opened and closed. Well, now I'm stressed because it looks like we get to replace those, too. There goes a lung. 

And because I feel like Debbie Downer only writing about dead rodents, smashed cars, and broken doors, I need to post something non-depressing.

After our Disney trip, I had to return some things that I didn't end up needing. We were at Ross and we passed by the shoe section when Aidan started hollering about "those shoes! those shoes!" He had found a pair that we had laughed at a few weeks before--the HUGEST shoes I have ever seen in my entire life. These bad boys are men's size 18 4E and they weigh about 22 pounds. They were as long as Aidan is from the waist to the top of his head. They were on clearance for $17--go figure--there aren't a lot of NBA players or big-footed Sasquatches shoe shopping at a Ross store in suburban Dallas. Avery was terrified of them. I tried to get him to slip his foot inside to take a picture, but I think he figured he'd never get his foot back out from that giant black cave.  Aidan wanted to bring them home--I'm sure he was dreaming of all the stuff he could load inside of them and then haul around the house.  Or he's planning on finally doing away with me and he's gonna bury my body in one of 'em.  

Happy Tuesday.  Just enjoy that you don't have the problem of having to find shoes this big to wear. And if you do, I'm really, really sorry. But you must have enormous calf muscles to lug these things around. 


The Lowe Family said...

obviously if you have feet that big it isn't a hard task to find the right shoes...they're easily located at ross for $17.

i'm excited for you to have tuesdays and thursdays allll aloooone.....what are ya gonna do?

Marnie said...

Lovin the picture of Aidan with the humongo shoes! By the way, I still need the Disney low down. We're at 4 weeks and counting....