Monday, March 23, 2009

Ramblings: Eek.

For the past few months I've been planning on attacking the disorganized mess known as my craft closet (a.k.a. the twins' "closet") in the exercise room (formerly the twins' room). It has been getting worse and worse by the day, to the point where I just stack stuff outside of it so that I don't have to open the doors and deal with things tumbling down on top of me. So while the boys were napping, I got started and made some pretty good progress sorting through everything. Things were getting a tad bit organized. I was seeing things that had been hidden for a long time by other junk thrown in haphazardly on top. Things with similar purposes were placed together, unnecessary items were chucked, and drawers were sorted. 

See this little part of the double closet..not bad, right? I was making real progress.

Then Aidan woke up and came in to "help" me. He did some stamping, paper punching, and looked through a giant stack of pictures. He was fairly entertained and managed not to make things too much harder. But then....Then...THEN... IT HAPPENED!

I moved a bag of the kids' school papers and projects that I hadn't yet filed  in their school "keeper" boxes, and I found a little friend. So I said, "Why, hello there little friend."  

Translation: I screamed and slammed the door. And then I ran away. 
Oh, what's that? You didn't get a close enough look? Ok. Here ya go. Take a gander at that little rotting guy. He will remain there until Jeremy gets home and I force him to remove it. 
I hate mice. I hate all mice. I hate all the mice in the entire world. (Nacho Libre flashback, anyone?) And if you don't believe me about my rodent hatred, just ask my friend Mary Ann how she helped me kill a giant one we caught on a sticky board in our garage. Of course Jeremy was out of town, and the nasty thing was still alive and thrashing and squealing every time I went out there. The kids were terrified.  To make a long story short, we managed to get the flailing thing into a garbage bag and into a dumpster at a nearby strip mall--cuz neither one of us wanted to know that thing was in our garbage bin. But because we're not heartless, we couldn't throw it in there alive to suffer until it died on its own. Instead we drove over it in the garbage bag about 5 times with her giant diesel suburban. Instant (and flat as a pancake) death, I'm sure.  It was all very traumatic for both--scratch that--all of us (me, Mar, and particularly the rat). 

Man I need a diet coke. And some leftover chocolate sheet cake from last night. And maybe I'll feel better. Bloated--yes, but at least not consumed by thoughts of dead rodents infesting my house and my scrapbooking supplies. 


Candace said...

I'm surprise you were able to go back and take a picture...I could never do that. I'm sick from just looking at it. Thanks for making my day. :)

Travis and Jamie said...

Oh! I hate mice too. We've had three since we moved to Colorado. UHHHGGGG!! Last one I found was right before leaving for church in my pantry. We don't have the sticky traps cause I hate seeing them alive and squealing. But...the last mouse must have been Mighty Mouses cousin cause he was still alive even after having been squashed. YUCK!! I guess you can just say to yourself that the sucker died in your closet from starvation cause your house is so clean.

Lydianne said...

ahhh...gross! I would have flipped out also. I hate all pests, but especially rodent ones. I hope I never, ever have to see one in my home.
I have a friend who hates spiders and bugs, so when she finds one, she puts a cup or bowl on top of it with a book or two until she can get someone to come over and kill it. I usually can't even get that close to them.

Kris said...

5 times? Because 6 would have been too many?

I loved your "Why hello there little friend" comment.

Ciana said...

Laura are you sure that Jeremy didn't put that mouse there? He has been known to leave mice in shoes just ask Kashann or was that a jalepeno...

The Richards said...

That is disgusting and I wouldn't have been so calm either to go back and take a picture, you are a better women than I. At least you had a fun vacation to relax you before the fun event. I love the pictures and that you had so much fun at Disney. How can you not have fun with the beach and warmth and Disney. Sorry about the early wake ups though, hopefully those get better too.

The Lowe Family said...

i told you i'd get you back. you didn't think i could being so far away...but i have people EVERYWHERE.

be afraid very afraid. this isn't over.