Monday, November 17, 2008

Ramblings: Stumbling Around

I'm very tardy with this post because I've been stumbling around like a blind person on my new computer and things are taking me twice as long to accomplish. (I'm really really missing the right click functions on the mouse--I guess it's one of those things that you don't appreciate until you don't have it.  And now blind people everywhere are offended because they're like, "um, yeah. we can't even see and we could figure things out at least five times as fast as you.)

We are attempting to make the switch from our PC to Mac--basically because we just like the Mac guy better on the commercials. Isn't that what they want us to do? Pick the cooler guy? Now I'm waiting to see if this new Mac makes me cooler, too. With tight skinny-legged jeans and big, bushy brown eyebrows. 

Anyway, yesterday was my birthday--the dreaded big 3-0. Except for me it wasn't really dreaded, it was more like, Geez. Finally. I feel like I've been 30 for six or seven years now. Alex asked me how old I was yesterday and his response was, "Thirty? You're thirty? Oh. You look
 FORTY." Awesome. But I'm OK even if I do look 40 because maybe now people will stop giving me the "you have 4 kids and you're only how old?" faces.  

Jeremy's birthday is a week after mine so we got most of the extended family together for a dual-b-day celebration dinner on Saturday night
 at the Japanese Hibachi and Sushi place--Todd was on babysitting duty so Dee was flying solo. 

I have to say that Hibachi restaurants are alot more fun when you're not worried your two year olds are going to reach over and permanently meld their hands to the grill... I only had to remind Jeremy once or twice. It's hot. HOT. H-O-T. 

I have video of our funny chef cooking
up all our food, but it was incredibly dorky sounding because all you could hear was Jeremy quizzing him about where he learned all his tricks and my mom worrying about getting impaled by a flying fork during his "helicopter trick." This was the famous onion volcano right before the soy sauce lava. 

I made Greg take this group shot with the promise that I'd photoshop him in later--see, I don't lie. He's peeking out there between Mom and Jeremy. 

So out of all the dorks that tried to catch the broccoli that our chef flung at us, I was the only one who managed to catch it. Jeremy's rebounded off his face and landed here in front of us. 

You know you've had way too much to eat when this is your plate after you've been going at it for what seems like forever and there's not even a dent...that and when your husband's stomach starts busting out like the red plaid one down there...

Just be glad I didn't let him lift his shirt for the picture like he wanted.
So I'm off now to battle more of the same--trying to keep the kids from killing themselves and each other and enforcing the "naughty step" timeout over and over and over. I think Supernanny better add Dallas to her route next season or by next year I'll look 50. 

And be patient with me if the formatting on this post is all screwed up--my Mac and blogspot apparently hate each other and are messing with me by moving things around just as I'm about to get it how I want it. Freaking technology. 

**Edited to Add**
I can't believe I forgot the funniest part of the whole evening. On the ride home, we were scrolling through the ipod to find something to listen to and we flashed past David Archuleta's name. 
So Jeremy got all excited and said, "His CD just came out. It's supposed to be pretty good."  
Then I said, "You already bought it, didn't you?"
"Maybe... And it IS good."


Travis and Jamie said...

Happy B-day Lady!! Some guy the other day told me that he had kids about my age, 34-39. Wow, I thought, 30 really did something to me. Just the month before some one asked me all three boys were mine and when I said yes they said, "What are you? Like 24, 25."

Kimball & Marianne Larsen said...

Happy Birthday! I thought about you yesterday. For some reason, your birthday has always stuck in my mind.

Good luck with the Mac. We moved over to a Mac 2 years ago and I LOVE IT! It is truly SO user friendly (once you get your mind out of the PC world). I will honestly never go back. And we've never had any problems with viruses, random shutdowns, blah-blah-blah. Mac is definitely all it's cracked up to be. (I sound way too much like a commercial, but it's all true!)

Snow Family said...

Welcome to 30! I'm so glad I found your blog! Wow your family has grown- and twins? You are a saint. Please say hello to everyone! (I laughed so hard over the David Archuleta corn maze post... gotta love Jeremy- man we miss you guys! Good times...)

Deanna said...

Good job of the photoshop. I looked at the picture of everyone before reading and didn't remember having someone take a picture of all of us. But, no worries, I figured it out.

Happy birthday, old woman!

Kris said...

Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had a fun dinner. I am looking forward to my PC blowing up so I can get a Mac as well...I want to be on the cool guy's team too. And the edit you added actually made me LOL for real.

Andrea said...

Happy birthday, friend. I hope you had a great day. And I totally understand what you're saying about the finally 30 comment. Not that I'm there yet... but I know that's how it will be.

Talk to ya soon.

brent and kashann said...

I totally missed your 30th???! I am sorry. That one is a big deal isn't it? I am so over it now, but back then, I had a hard time.

I have never eaten habachi, (and don't know how to spell it) Wish I could've eaten up those leftovers, especially the forgotten shrimp on your plate.

The Lowe Family said...

dorky jeremy.

so we are in mid transition to mac too and i'm SOOO nervous about it. i get so frazzled on austin's laptop i don't kow HOW i'm gonna deal with MY puter being mac...bleh. but ur right, we'll be cooler for making the switch???