Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ramblings: Road Rage

I think I'm being followed.
I better check my rear view mirror.

WARNING: Objects in mirror are crazier than they appear.

Please excuse the fact that (almost) 2 & 1/2 year olds should not have pacifiers--but it was almost bedtime and I am a sucker for vacuum-wielding toddlers. Well, one is a vacuum and one is a "pretend" vacuum that causes Aidan to constantly chatter about it needing new batteries because its nonexistent light and noises don't work. Instead, all it does is make those clunky chime noises and none of the cool vacuum noises that the red one makes. If only they made mini-pretend Dysons, then my Tyson could have a little brother that Aidan could use.

Inevitably, this game of vacuum-style follow the leader ends in a giant road-rage induced game of chicken, and their vacuums are smashed together with so much force that I'm surprised either of them are still in one piece.

And speaking of Road Rage, I was running errands last week when I encountered some familiar USPS aggression. I was on a two lane road that was about to merge to one lane, when this mail jeep came flying around me at the last minute and cut me off in the middle of an intersection. The bandana and giant glasses were a big blur, but I'd recognize that blur anywhere. Guess who? Yup. It was her. I can't escape her or her raging driving, even 15 minutes from my mailbox. I'm actually kind of surprised she didn't chuck my mail at my windshield as she was swerving in front of me--she was obviously in a hurry and that would've saved her some time later.


Travis and Jamie said...

I usually have at least One of those two "vacuums" following me around as well. Ours too is "broken" (batteryless). And your mail women reminds me of the mail man in Funny Farm with Chevy Chase.

Poopsy Doopsy said...

Scott turned three in August and I finally snipped the tip of his binky, after much crying, torment and a few sleepless nights we are finally binky free! I know...three is a little old! About the skinny was with my sister and our friends (all girls) we were at some hot springs and we all had our underwear on, so I guess it wasn't technically skinny-dipping. My favorite Scentsy smells change, right now they are wasabi ginger, pumkin roll and peach cobbler cinnamon...YUM! You should sign up to be a's so much fun and doesn't take a ton of time (which I know neither one of us have!). I'm hoping to make lots of money to help us buy a huge house here in San Diego. Let me know if you're interested. ;)

Brittany said...

Laura I don't even know if we've ever actually met...but I have to let you know that I read your blog every once in a while and I love it!! (I always like to know who's reading my blog) Anyway...your stories are hilarious and very entertaining--you're a really good writer. Also...big-heads must run in the Fielding family because our Brody for sure is big-head!!!

Deanne said...

I really could use some more vacuuming maids at the bed and breakfast. Could you send them up next summer for a few months. I promise to feed them macaroni and cheese every day in payment.

The Lowe Family said...

don't flash ur freakin dyson at my to make me jealous...UGH.