Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ramblings: Love is in the air, NO WAIT, Loving the Air

The wind is blowing like crazy and the sky is darkening. The temperature is dropping like mad from it's current 77 degrees in order to reach it's forecasted low tonight of 42. We'll see if it does...but I LOVE IT! Te amo, cold front. (Or for any Persian readers--Doo-set daaram, cold front. Yeah, I had to look that one up but doesn't it sound cool? I found this fun site.)

It finally feels like Fall and even though I hate the extra hassle of finding and putting socks and shoes and jackets on everyone instead of sandals and tank tops, it's totally worth it. It gives me hope that the kids won't spend Halloween melting in their costumes and sweating to the point of dehydration during the trick-or-treating rounds. Plus, the cool air gives me a little burst of energy and makes me feel a little peppier. The kids burn off a little more energy playing and running around outside, and less time cooped up finding ways to finally destroy what's left of the house and my sanity.

On to my next hair. For some reason, every year when the weather finally decides to stay cool for more than a week or two, I feel like chopping or dyeing or doing something crazy to my hair. Like the change of season necessitates a change of hairstyle. I'm not too nervous about doing anything--my hair's pretty thick and grows pretty fast. Last year I started dyeing it a dark brownish red color, which prompted my friend Chip to ask me when I became a Goth. Ok, I get it. Too dark. So it's lightened up now over the past few months but I feel so blah about it. I may just have to take a whack at it. I hear the mullet's making a know, business in front and pleasure in back. It's a thought...any other ideas? AND NO! No matter how many of you ask, or even BEG, I will not get the permed fro of my youth. That is one hairdo best left in the past--unless there is someone offering a substantially large amount of cash...or Sonic giftcards...?

And just a tad over 24 hours till the Mraz concert. I'm thinking of bedazzling a Got Mraz? t-shirt for the occasion, but I better get cracking if I want to finish bedazzling the Mraz speedo Jeremy requested. It's Easy, Fun, and Fabulous! I'll be posting some pics of Mraz0rama on Friday---if I'm still able to type. We're a bit worried we may inhale a ton of second hand smoke--and I'm not talking about cigarettes here. (And now I know you're all wondering if I really do own a bedazzler. That's for me to know...)

Happy Cool Weather! (Just in the time it took me to type all this nonsense, my little thermostat dropped 7 degrees. sweet.)


Deanna said...

I just opened my windows to save some electric bill money and now I'm going to close them all. It's COLD! Woohoo!!! Is it supposed to stay cool next week?

You should start the mullet trend and keep it going for your sweet hair-twirling niece. Or even better, since Chip liked the color so much...go with a goth mullet. :)

The Lowe Family said...

"snap, push and pop" reminds me of something else. i won't say.

are mraz'ers stoners? who knew?

the hair?? hmm...i need to chop mine too. I'm actually brewing up a blog post about it but i don't really know what i'm gonna say except that i need MAINTENENCE!!!!

Andrea said...

That is so funny. I am having the same urge to do something drastic to my hair. I always do in the spring and fall. Something about the seasons...

And I've got to say - as far as kids movies goes - High School Musical is pretty tolerable. I mean, it's cheesy as can be. But there is much, much worse. My kids LOVE it. Crazy love.

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

HAHA! So, I totally thought you were Jessica's sister. I mean really, it so hard to keep up!

Bonnie said...

You still have beautiful kids :-)