Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rave: Sale and Summer plans

I accidentally stumbled upon a great Memorial Day sale last night at the Half Price extra 20% off everything. I picked up a load for Alex, a computer game for Maddie, some board books for the boys, and a Hello Kitty Sticker book (not pictured because it's for Maddie's birthday and I hid it first thing--but I'm sure I'll forget where I hid it. Hopefully it'll be discovered in time for Christmas instead). The sale's going until Monday if anyone wants to run out and save some cash. I probably would've gotten a bunch more but it was late and way past my bedtime. Maybe I'll hit it again Monday...the cookbook section was tempting me on my way out.

My purchases just confirmed my plans for keeping Alex busy this summer. We've promised him some sort of reward for each chapter book he finishes. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe a trip to the store to pick out new Legos (this is sort of a double reward--he thinks he's getting something awesome and I'm getting a few awesome hours where he'll play happily and quietly without tormenting the other crazies)...except he can read pretty fast and that may get expensive. Good thing I got such a good deal on all those books. Curses to my brother for the thousands of dollars worth of Legos he trashed when he got too cool for them.


Becky said...

My last name will probably throw you still throws me off from time to time. This is cousin Becky (Anderson) Klotthor. (pronounced "closer" but with a lisp. My mom (your Aunt Sue) forwarded me your blog address and said "You're into this kind of thing, you should check it out". So here I am. It's been years...(I'd hate to count)...since you and I last saw each other, but it'd be nice to know what you and your adorable family are up to. I just started out blogging about a week or so ago, so my own blog is nothing special, but feel free to check it out.

Laura said...

Glad to hear from you! And I totally remember you, but you're right... I wouldn't have recognized your married name. Cute kiddies.

Amy said...

I'm a sucker for books as well. Barnes & Noble, Borders, Half Price Books, all of the above.

Scholastic has a warehouse sale once a year and I'll let you know when the next one is. They just had one in January.

Laura said...

ah man, I'd have been ALL OVER THAT. My kids know it too--they get so much $$ out of me when the book fair's in town.