Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ramblings: Religious Violation

Because we hadn't met our weekly quota of blunt force trauma to the head, Jeremy and I took the kids to Walmart Friday night to pick up Alex's soccer teams' snacks for Saturday. Plus, I wanted to work on perfecting my "if you value your life at all you will stop that right now" glare. Anyway, when we got to the car I noticed a red ticket that said "VIOLATION" under the windshield wiper. They give out tickets now to obnoxious families in Walmart? Nope.

This is what it said:

You probably can't see it, but there are possible "offenses" listed such as failed to put God first, made a God in your mind, taken God's name in Vain, broken the Sabbath, dishonored your parents, committed murder, committed adultery, stolen things, told lies, and desired others' belongings.

It's not necessarily the content that I question (even though there's alot of tiny print that I do), but more the manner in which it was offered. Isn't there a better or more productive way to spread a message? I bet I was one of very few people that even read the fine print---once you realize it's not a real ticket, you're just annoyed with it and you toss it.
Plus, I'm guessing that the "J. Baptist" is meant to be John the Baptist, and I wasn't aware he even had a badge number or that ticketing Walmart parking lots on Friday nights was in his job description.

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